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Vimeo and HeySummit Announce Integration Partnership



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Published on March 17, 2021

Today, HeySummit is proud to announce our partnership with Vimeo, the world’s leading all-in-one video solution. Today, 200+ million users globally are unlocking the power of video with Vimeo’s easy-to-use, high-quality live and on-demand streaming capabilities.

This new integration enables HeySummit users to take full advantage of Vimeo’s robust suite of tools for all their video needs — from live streaming talks to broadcasting pre-recorded videos, and everything in between. In addition, Vimeo is offering discounts for HeySummit customers to try out the power of live video.

Live streaming is one of the most effective forms of content available. With consumers watching 10-20x more live streams than on-demand video, it is a powerful way to connect with audiences from around the world. To help Event Organizers extend their reach as wide as possible, Vimeo also enables users to seamlessly simulcast live streams across a range of platforms and apps including YouTube, Facebook Live, and LinkedIn. 

Vimeo broadcasts its videos in full HD with adaptive streaming, providing viewers with the highest-quality experience across devices — even in areas with limited bandwidth. And when an event is over, it is automatically archived in up to 4K.

Speaking about the new partnership, Rob Gelb, CEO of HeySummit, shared, “Vimeo is a leader in the video space and known for prioritizing quality and value for businesses and creators of all sizes. We are excited to partner with Vimeo and look forward to working with them to bring a smooth video experience for HeySummit event organizers and attendees”.

According to Richard Bloom, SVP of Business Development at Vimeo live video is one of the most effective, engaging ways to reach global audiences today. Said Bloom, “Vimeo’s tools are built to be simple and easy-to-use so anyone can harness the power of video, regardless of budget or expertise. We’re thrilled to bring Vimeo’s best-in-class live streaming technology to HeySummit’s customers.”

As HeySummit’s first partner, Vimeo is paving the way for future partnerships with the leading voices in online event hosting and management. HeySummit’s vision is to integrate easily with external platforms to facilitate the building of inclusive, holistic event experiences. 

To find out more information about HeySummit’s Partnerships Program, head to our Partners page.

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