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Need help running your event?

If you have your virtual event planned, but you need some extra help, look no further. Get in touch to get a personalized plan and quote.

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HeySummit Professional Services

We offer a suite of services, including consultation on event creation from our Event Producers, event build-out and speaker management from our team of expert Event Architects, and bespoke and engaging attendee experiences from our professional design and copy-writing partners.

Services start at just $9,500 per event and scale to match your event spec.

Free up your time to focus on your business

HeySummit saves event organizers hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by efficiently planning and running your virtual event.

Sometimes, a little help with delivery or a little coaching on your tech stack and strategy can go a long way to delivering a successful event. Not sure what level of support you need? Reach out and we’ll help you find the right fit.

From virtual assistants to coaching, we're ready to help

  • Mapping your event plan to a virtual environment, including suggested tools and tech stack
  • Checking your work and providing feedback and direction on your summit configuration
  • Populating your event with your speakers and talk details
  • Maximising the platform's power to leverage your speaker's network by managing offers, giveaways and incentives
  • Preparing bespoke how-to videos for your audience and speakers
  • Project managing the creation of your virtual event to your tight timeline

We can build you a bespoke Professional Services support package

If you need to boost your in-house team to deliver one event, this service is for you.

We'll analyze your current event plans and recommend which of our Professional Services are the best fit for you.

Professional Services may be weekly coaching for your event set up, use of our specialist Event Architects to handle speaker management so that you can focus on delivery, full event set up, and more.

Book a call to find the perfect solution for you and get a quote.