The 45-Day Launch: How One HeySummiteer Launched Two Summits in Less Than Two Months



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Published on 13th June 2020Updated 13th December 2023

Here at HeySummit, we're always looking for new ways to help you make the best of your summits. We're doing our best to feature all the ways HeySummit has been used and loved by our community of users. In this post, see how Paul Kim of made a plan to launch his summit in just 45 days, and what lessons he learned along the way. Read on and get inspired 🏔️

About Paul

Paul Kim has the true spirit of an entrepreneur. His passions have moved him through successful careers over the years that many would be envious of. From life as an attorney, to real estate investor, to now an online marketing expert, Paul has created something for himself that is truly awe inspiring.

Today, Paul has created a community to help real estate agents and sales teams to better market their housing offers online. His site, is an online resource for the real estate professional community.

In 2020, Paul decided to take the opportunity to share his years of experience to a wider audience.

And so began his journey as a HeySummiteer.

What brought Paul to HeySummit

Paul discovered HeySummit through a promotion. When he reviewed the offer, he realized this platform has potential for his business.

He knew he wanted to offer his audience weekly content of some kind – perhaps a podcast – but he wanted to make sure he did it right. From his last 5 years of running an online marketing business, he knows all too well how easy it is to get caught up in creating content no one cares about.

Paul needed a strategic plan if he was going to move forward. So, he joined the HeySummit Club Call.

“That call woke me up!” Says Paul of his first few Club Calls. He recounts the strategies just given to him and other Club members to fill up summits, make content evergreen, or find influential speakers.

After just a few calls, Paul got serious.

“I just decided: I’m going to launch my summit in 45 days, no matter what.”

From 0 to Launch in 45 Days

Paul’s dedication to his business, his audience, and himself drove him to produce something that not many people who attempt so quickly!

He wanted to set up a 5-day virtual event for realtors who wanted to learn (1) how to better market themselves and teams online and (2) offer lessons for those interested in real estate investments.

On the Club call, he was asked to create a persona for the type of attendees he wanted to attract to this event. When he followed the recommended planning, he realized he was trying to serve two different audiences!

“So, I decided to make two virtual summits.”

One virtual event would be 2 days dedicated to real estate agents who wanted to know how Paul could help them market online.  The second would be a 3-day virtual event for investors who wanted to learn the ins and outs of turning an awesome profit.

This clarity didn’t slow him down or push back his deadline. Paul knew he and his team would have to have intense focus for the next few weeks to pull this off.

In just a few weeks, with a supportive team beside him and his live network, Paul was able to successfully launch both summits.

It was quite the roller coaster for Paul to get these virtual summits live in just 45 days, but through sheer determination he was able to pull it off—and he plans on doing another summit soon!

How HeySummit supported Paul

Paul did all the work to make his virtual summits live, but as Murphy’s law would have it, something always happens.

“There were a few last-minute schedule changes for speakers that I had to remedy ASAP. Attendees were registering for talks with speakers at certain times, and it was really stressful knowing that the times would have to change.”

Luckily for Paul, HeySummit makes changes to virtual summits easy.

“It’s great to have the ability to change things around last minute in the platform. HeySummit really made it easy for me!”

Lessons learned

Paul’s adventure from 0 to launch was intense, and he will do a few things differently next time around. Here are his 4 tips for new HeySummiteers:

  1. Sign up for the Club Call. It’s so helpful to have weekly strategy calls that provide actionable guidance!

  2. Schedule a summit 45 days out. Don’t overthink it. Just do it.

  3. Aim for speakers who have influence, a decent following, or email list.

  4. Test, test, test!

Thanks, Paul! You can find Paul these days helping out in the HeySummiteer community. Come join us!

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