Creator Program

Share your passion for community and events

The HeySummit Creator Program is designed to empower the leading voices in event promotion and community building. Benefit from advantages like revenue sharing, feature spots in our newsletter, and exclusive campaign collaborations.

Creator Program Highlights

Earn 30% revenue share for referring people to HeySummit
Exclusive feature placements, in our newsletter and social media
Join our dedicated Slack channel along with other industry leaders

Apply, Create, Earn...

Once your application has been accepted, you can start earning right away.

Work with HeySummit to produce thought leading outbound content, access new distribution channels, and collect referrals.

For each referral that becomes a paying customer, we'll give you 30% of the revenue for 12 months.

Built for Creators

The HeySummit Creator Program is tailored to amplify your influence, and equip you with the tools and community support to elevate your content and extend your reach.

We're looking for creators as passionate as we are about events and community

Are you as passionate as we are about events and community?

We're looking for creators who are passionate about events and community, and who want to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

If you're a thought leader, influencer, or content creator who wants to make a difference, we want to hear from you.

Here's why we love

Virtual Events

Boost Your Marketing

Organic buzz through speakers and attendees enhances your presence.

Cement Your Reputation

A polished event positions you as a credible brand with a unique voice.

Unlimited Global Reach

Customizable formats mean you're not tied to time zones.

Endless Content Impact

Recordings live on, offering high-quality content you can repurpose indefinitely.

Loyal Audience Network

Post-event, you'll have an engaged community ready to join your mailing list.

Deep Customer Insights

Get to know your target audience intimately.

Strategic Vision

Leveraging event data refines your marketing, optimizing for maximum impact.

Reduced Operational Costs

Save on venue and travel, focus budget on content and speakers.

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