Multiple Event Formats

One platform for all your events, big or small. Host webinars, workshops, or multi-day events in virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats.

Multiple Event Formats

Feature Highlights

HeySummit is designed to adapt to your event needs, offering a vast array of possibilities to make your event uniquely yours.

Whether it's just you presenting, a panel discussion, or a fireside chat; customise the panelists per talk in just one click.
For events with an in-person component, easily manage venue details and provide attendees with all the information they need.
Decide exactly how each individual talk should be delivered (whether live, pre-recorded, via a virtual stage, or in-person).
Mix and match broadcast providers for each talk. E.g. a 9am keynote via Zoom, your 10am workshop as a pre-recorded video, etc.
Whether you're delivering a hybrid or fully in-person event, easily set individual venue details per talk to help guide your attendees.
Automate your funnel with auto-repeat rules. Perfect if you want to create an evergreen pre-recorded webinar or a regular live session.
Optionally link talks to a stage and create a single, continuous broadcast stream. Stages also help you group common talk themes.

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Unlimited Flexibility, No Compromise


Easily adapt from intimate workshops to large-scale conferences


Switch between virtual, in-person, or hybrid events seamlessly


Run your events your way, with features tailored to your needs

Your Event,<br/>Your Rules

Your Event,
Your Rules

Plan, host, and manage any event format with HeySummit's comprehensive toolkit. Our platform is designed to adapt to your specific event needs.

From virtual workshops to in-person conferences, you have the freedom and the tools to run your event just the way you want it.

With Multiple Formats, Your Events

Are Super-Powered With

Dynamic Ticketing

Create specific ticket types to compliment the event format

Real-Time Analytics

Track performance to guague audience interest

Attendance Tracking

Monitor in-person and virtual attendance metrics

Format Switching

Easily convert between event formats as needed

Other Features to Help You Build Your Dream Event

Multiple Event Formats

From live webinars and streams to pre-recorded sessions, our platform supports all formats: in-person, hybrid, or online.

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Multiple Event Formats

Video & Streaming Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with top platforms like Zoom and BigMarker for webinars, or use YouTube Live, Vimeo Live, and others for streaming. Our platform supports all major video and streaming services for your content needs.

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Video & Streaming Integrations

Landing Page Builder

Create stunning event pages that reflect your brand and captivate your audience. Our builder is powerful yet easy to use.

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Landing Page Builder

Speaker Management

Streamline speaker management and empower speakers with dashboard access to manage their bio, links, and talk details.

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Speaker Management

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