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Worried about cancelling your in-person conference?
We've made a guide and resources to help you develop a plan of action.

Free Virtual Summit for Coronavirus-affected Events

Tl;dr: Event organisers are worried about having to cancel their events because of coronavirus. We want to help. Last minute changes are often expensive and complicated - we’re donating our time and platform to help make their event happen.

The Problem

In the wake of the World Health Organisation’s declaration of Covid-19 coronavirus as a public health emergency, we’ve seen a big leap in event organisers seeking information on the viability of virtual summits. Organisers are concerned about the impact of the virus on their physical summits. They're considering the impact of the global health emergency on attendance figures, and more importantly, the safety of their speakers and attendees.

Events that have been planned for months, and some even for years, now face the potential of vastly reduced attendance, or suffer the risk of being cancelled altogether. Organisations stand to lose millions in income if they cancel an event last minute. Adding to that, they risk losing the positive impact and knowledge sharing of bringing people together around an issue.

We want to help

The team at HeySummit want to help. As the creators of a virtual summit platform, we have the ability to support those who’ve poured months of their lives into events that are now at risk of not taking place.

We’ve been exploring ways we can facilitate event organisers to quickly transition from an in-person summit to a virtual experience.

We are keenly aware of the financial impact that the coronavirus is having on hosting physical events, which already come with expensive overheads.

Our pledge to organisers of in-person events that are scheduled in the next three months and are focused on making an impact is:

  1. Nonprofits who had to cancel: one free summit on the platform & waived HeySummit transaction fees
  2. Anyone else who had to cancel an event: 45% off any annual plan for the year
  3. Free advisory meeting to give you feedback on your transition plan
  4. Access to our community of experienced event organisers

Please email hello@heysummit.com with details about your upcoming summit, conference, or event and we’ll help you get started.

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