How HeySummit Gave This Entrepreneur a New Avenue for Lead Generation

Benjamin Dell

Benjamin Dell

Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on 14th July 2022Updated 13th December 2023

With a wealth of knowledge in the online event world, making connections with professionals in his industry comes pretty easy for solopreneur and founder of Brand Factory Inc., Doc Williams. Doc’s impressive portfolio of content warranted being showcased to potential clients and brand connections.

Excited by the dual possibilities of hosting online summits, whilst also displaying his extensive portfolio of work, he embarked on his HeySummit journey with one key focus - lead generation.

Creators can often find themselves in a tempest of unorganized content. Leaving many feeling overwhelmed with the sheer mass of content and footage at their disposal. Hey Summit’s customizable service took care of the technical side of hosting online summits, from creating landing pages to setting up email reminders - Doc was able to finally focus on what mattered to him most - connecting with the right people and allowing his work to speak for itself.

Leveraging his existing content - from podcasts to pre-recorded interviews, which he put behind a paywall, Doc soon had an impressive number of people reaching out to him. Presenting his portfolio allowed not only his work to stand out, but for Doc as an individual to be highlighted as someone with extensive knowledge and passion for seeking out brands to work with. Like a true creative Jedi, Doc’s application of HeySummit allowed him to funnel content with intention and purpose in little time at all.

With many of his clients wanting him to build them summits as their signature product, Doc often finds himself tailoring the tool to the client. If they're frazzled, disorganized and don't have a clear end goal in mind with their summit, Doc suggests using summits as a lead generation tool rather than a stand-alone revenue-generating event. 

Let Us Handle Your Next Event

The looming tower of content is understandably intimidating for entrepreneurs, but with Hey Summit, allowing us to take care of the event’s technical management side of things, allows users to focus on what really matters to them - connecting with the right audience in a seamless and efficient way.

Whether this is hosting their own online summits, or in Doc’s case, simply presenting a portfolio of online event footage accommodating his target audience in a sustainable, ‘easy-to-manage’ way - Hey Summit takes this invisible need to be everywhere at once - and brings individuals the freedom to personalize and customize their online summits to their specific needs with ease.

If you’re ready to launch your own summit, start your 14 – day trial today.

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