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Published on 10th March 2020Updated 13th December 2023

👩‍💻 Don't cancel your event because of #coronavirus. Make it virtual.

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The sheer scale and reach of coronavirus is unprecedented. It's sent shockwaves around the world, resulting in various changes in our daily habits and activities we often take for granted. In just the last couple of weeks, Ford announced a ban on all business travel; Italy, Iran and Greece closed schools and universities; Amazon, Google, Facebook, Nike and Sony were forced to shut some offices; and large gatherings of over 1,000 people were banned in Switzerland. Big events such as the Rugby Six Nations matches have also been postponed.

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the global events industry. Direct losses resulting from the cancellation of events have already cost the tech industry a whopping $500 million; not to mention all the time and effort that went into coordinating and designing the events. From speaker onboarding to marketing; finding sponsors to logistics planning - as event organizers ourselves, we know it's hard work. And it seems as if no conference is immune, all the way from big-name, hotly anticipated annual developer conferences such as Facebook F8, Adobe Summit and Google Cloud Next, to key policy and advocacy summits like UN's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64).

For events that have decided to carry on as planned, there's so much uncertainty around potential flight cancellations, travel restrictions and most importantly, the health and safety of event participants. There's no indication of the virus slowing down, so why risk dealing with all these issues when you can take your event entirely (or partially) online?

If you're an event organizer and you want a quick guide on what your options are for taking that conference, summit, or event virtual, here's a crash course from HeySummit.

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