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Benjamin Dell

Benjamin Dell

Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on 14th July 2022Updated 13th December 2023

Daniel David Wallace’s summit, Escape the Plot Forest, aimed at helping fiction writers improve their plot and storytelling skills, was a huge success, attracting over 3000 attendees and netting over $26,000 in revenue. 

Four years ago, it was a different story. Daniel’s storytelling blog was popular but ultimately made no money.  Inspired by Chris Davis’s podcast ‘Food Blogger Pro’, Daniel began turning blogs into newsletters, creating courses on Teachable, and giving away free writing courses along with his book ‘Write Better Sentences’.  Before long, Daniel had created the largest audience he’d ever had.  Following this whirlwind of success, Daniel faced a new challenge: professional sustainability.

Enter HeySummit, which introduced Daniel to a whole new world of networking and audience engagement.  He began by helping his wife host a free summit to get to grips with the platform. Hitting the ground running, they brought in 600 attendees with minimal marketing.  It’s no surprise that Escape the Plot Forest was ultimately such a huge success.  

Daniel recommends you...

Make the Most of Your HeySummit Event

Prioritise affiliate marketing over social media or SEO.  Get in front of someone else’s audience and promote yourself!

Tickets please! Start free and build from there.  Daniel made the summit free to attend live once with the option to purchase an all-access pass.  For pricing, Daniel advises, consider how much you would pay and how much your audience can afford. 

Keep your audience hooked.  Daniel fosters engagement before, during, and after his summits. HeySummit’s chat feature sustains a strong community by allowing attendees to interact with each-other and the speakers. After his events, Daniel maintains constant contact with his attendees - use that email list!

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