In-app Messaging

In-app Messaging

In-app messaging refers to direct and targeted communication to users within an event app. This type of messaging can play a vital role in improving event experiences.

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In-app Messaging

In-app messaging are notifications sent to attendees within an event application. Unlike push notifications, these messages don't require users to opt-in and they can be interacted with at any time within the app. In-app messages can range from reminders about session times, updates on event schedules, to responses to attendee feedback.


Typically, in-app messages see higher engagement rates than other forms of communication. They're effective ways of driving user behaviour, from showcasing event features, promoting sessions to enhancing attendee networking. Beyond this, in-app messages provide event organizers with invaluable realtime feedback about the user experience.

Common Problems and Solutions

A common challenge with in-app messages in events can be timeliness and overloading attendees with information. Robust planning, segmenting messages and leveraging analytics can help in sending relevant and timely messages.

Best Practices

  • Ensure messages are succinct and clear.
  • Employ user segmentation for targeted messaging.
  • Test, measure and optimize messaging strategies.
  • Use visually appealing elements in your messages.
  • Ensure your messages add value to the attendee's event experience.

Key Takeaways

  • In-app messages can significantly enhance attendee engagement and experience.
  • Problems, such as information overload, can be mitigated by proper planning and segmentation.
  • It's essential to frequently review and optimize your messaging strategy.

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