HeySummit with BigMarker

Unify HeySummit's advanced event planning with BigMarker's dynamic webinar capabilities




Quick Setup

Effortlessly sync your BigMarker webinars with HeySummit to speed up your event planning

Audience Interaction

Leverage BigMarker's interactive tools like polls and Q&A directly through the HeySummit platform

Data-Driven Insights

Benefit from integrated analytics to measure your event's success across both platforms

Dynamic Webinars, Supercharged by HeySummit

BigMarker is a fully customizable virtual events and webinar solution that provides robust tools for hosting, marketing, and analytics

Superpower your events by pairing BigMarker with HeySummit

HeySummit is a true creator-friendly platform that we love using at SPI. It's super easy to use and the customer support is amazing!

Matt Gartland

Co-founder of SPI Media

HeySummit Testimonial: Matt Gartland

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Ready to Take the Stage with HeySummit?