HeySummit with Facebook Live

Expand your audience reach by integrating Facebook Live with HeySummit's event capabilities.

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Facebook Live

Social Outreach

Boost your HeySummit events' visibility by directly broadcasting to your Facebook audience

Audience Interaction

Engage with your Facebook and HeySummit audience in real-time through likes, shares, and comments

Stream Exclusivity

Integrate Facebook Live streams to enhance your HeySummit events with real-time content

Real-Time Engagement, Amplified by HeySummit

Facebook Live is a live video streaming feature that lets you broadcast directly to your Facebook audience.

Superpower your events by pairing Facebook Live with HeySummit

HeySummit is fast becoming the best platform for running a virtual event. It simplifies the process of running an event and helps me save a tonne of time in the process.

Steve Palfreyman

Founder of Futureative

HeySummit Testimonial: Steve Palfreyman

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