HeySummit with Loom

Enrich your pre-recorded talks with Loom's user-friendly video recording, seamlessly integrated with HeySummit.

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Premium Video Quality

Loom's high-quality videos enhance the production value of your HeySummit talks

Seamless Integration

Select Loom as your pre-recorded video provider for any talk within your HeySummit event

User-Friendly Interface

Benefit from Loom's intuitive video creation tools for a hassle-free experience

Effortless Pre-Recorded Content, Amplified by HeySummit

Loom is a video recording tool that allows you to create and share videos with ease. Perfect for asynchronous communications, training, or showcasing demos.

Superpower your events by pairing Loom with HeySummit

HeySummit is fast becoming the best platform for running a virtual event. It simplifies the process of running an event and helps me save a tonne of time in the process.

Steve Palfreyman

Founder of Futureative

HeySummit Testimonial: Steve Palfreyman

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