HeySummit with MailerLite

Continue to use HeySummit for standard event emails and MailerLite for broader email marketing campaigns.

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Connect and Sync

Automatically sync attendee data to MailerLite

Automate Workflows

Create custom email sequences and campaigns

Save Time

No need to manually export and import data

Keep your data in sync

Sync attendees to your MailerLite list so that you can include them in your existing email campaigns, create custom email sequences and more.

Superpower your events by pairing MailerLite with HeySummit

HeySummit is fast becoming the best platform for running a virtual event. It simplifies the process of running an event and helps me save a tonne of time in the process.

Steve Palfreyman

Founder of Futureative

HeySummit Testimonial: Steve Palfreyman

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Ready to Take the Stage with HeySummit?