HeySummit with Spotlightr

Unlock the power of interactive video experiences for your HeySummit events with Spotlightr.

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Interactive Features

Utilize Spotlightr's built-in interactive tools within your HeySummit talks to boost audience engagement

Content Versatility

Add Spotlightr as a pre-recorded or live streaming option for talks within your HeySummit event

Secure Playback

Integrate secure video streaming with DRM and other security features

Interactive Video, Amplified by HeySummit

Spotlightr provides an end-to-end solution for interactive video streaming, helping you captivate your audience like never before.

Superpower your events by pairing Spotlightr with HeySummit

HeySummit is a true creator-friendly platform that we love using at SPI. It's super easy to use and the customer support is amazing!

Matt Gartland

Co-founder of SPI Media

HeySummit Testimonial: Matt Gartland

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