Announcing the HeySummit Speaker Network

We're excited to announce the launch of the HeySummit Speaker Network. A new way to discover, connect, and engage with leading speakers.


HeySummit with Vidalytics

Empower your HeySummit events with Vidalytics' video analytics and marketing tools

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Rich Analytics

Integrate Vidalytics to leverage its powerful analytics in your HeySummit events

Flexible Deployment

Add Vidalytics videos as pre-recorded content or live streams in your HeySummit events

Seamless Integration

Easily connect Vidalytics with HeySummit for a cohesive event experience

Intelligent Video Analytics, Enhanced by HeySummit

Vidalytics offers in-depth analytics and a range of marketing tools for your video content

Superpower your events by pairing Vidalytics with HeySummit

With HeySummit we've increased the leads we generate per event to over 10,000! This translates to a healthy increase in revenue and average revenue per attendee.

Sami Syed

CEO of Project Vanlife & Social Medics

HeySummit Testimonial: Sami Syed

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