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Meditation Coach, Relax with Adam

Hi I'm Adam, and I can provide meditation support for your team and your events. I also produce events and run a digital marketing agency, so I'm going through what you're all going through. Meditation is the antidote to anxiety. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, procrastinating, feeling distracted or unfocused, I can get you back into the flow in as little as 5 minutes. Specialties include neuroscience based meditation (ala Dr. Joe Dispenza) but I'm also trained by Grandmasters of the Shaolin Temple and Disciples of the Medicineless Hospital, serving as a lineage holder for several ancient energy healing modalities. Don't be shy, reach out to me easily on instagram or linkedin @relaxwithadam

Available For

Virtual Events
In-Person Events


The person has expertise delivering talks on the following subjects.

Crystal Healing
Theta Healing
Corporate Wellness
Kung Fu
Shaolin Temple
Energy Healing
Sound Bath
Sound Healing
Tai Chi
Qi Gong
Mindfulness Meditation


For your team and your events. Relax. Stay focused. Get back in the flow. Breathe...

Learn How to Meditate

There's a thousand ways to meditate and a million reasons why.
Whatever your reasons are, Adam makes meditation fun, so that you'll stick with it.

Find Your Way Home

Adam teaches both contemporary and ancient meditation techniques. He has been featured at WeWork, the United Nations, and The World Economic Forum. His beginner workshops ensure that you will actually "feel something" and leave with expanded awareness for when and how to meditate.

Finding Time to Meditate

Adam is available to guide meditation for your corporate wellness program, keynote / panel / workshop support during your virtual conference, guest appearances during any style of virtual team meeting, podcasts, webinars, group classes, article / blog / press / research contributions and private one-to-one coaching sessions.

Understanding Brainwave Science

Anyone can learn these fundamentally simple techniques for on-the-spot stress relief and long-lasting energy boosts. In his intermediate and advanced classes you'll receive the "meditation tool belt" with knowledge of which technique does what and when and where to apply it.

Thank you to Dr. Pang, Robert Peng, Master Bloom, Master Bajrovic, Shi DeRu, and Justin Blue for your wisdom, your compassion, and your dedication.

Adam’s Mini Medi Course
If you'd like a try it for yourself, check out Adam's Mini Medi Course featuring
5 techniques in 55 minutes (the first 4 happen in the first 20 minutes)


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