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Aly Brine

Career Alignment Coach | Speaker | Challenging the Status Quo in the Corporate World 

a little corporate, a little hippie, a lotta hustle

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Career Change
Millennial Women


Aly Brine is a Career Alignment Coach and Speaker who teaches mindful and practical tools to high-earning, high-potential Millennial women who want to stay in the corporate world but find a career they're actually passionate about (crazy concept, right?!)

Her ultimate goal is to get the right people in the right positions by challenging the status quo of the corporate world because when people are in jobs they love and are passionate about, they're more committed to the work, utilizing their skills and happier human beings. Bottom line: that means more money for the people and more money for the business, who can argue with that?

Some of Aly's ideas might hit you as a little hippie, but after receiving her Masters in Human Resources Management from The Ohio State University and spending time in a male dominated Fortune 31 company, she's learned how to navigate the waters of the corporate world while politely disrupting them.

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