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Avery is one the most interesting thought leaders on wellness during our time.- “T. Reider, Sacremento, California I always searched for the deeper meanings and always look for the Flow in life where everything comes together and make sense. I am a truth seeker in every sense of the word. I like challenges- I am currently a Registered Nurse, Holistic Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Certified Microscopist, and Past Life Regression Therapist. She discovered that Wellness is a state of mind and health is a state of being. Avery’s gift is showing people from all works of life on how to reframe and shift their DIS EASE process- where your being is no longer at ease she has the gifted ability to show you how to regain wellness certainty. Called by Dr Kamau Kokayi, MD - " A Medical Intuitive." By being certain it empowers you to make positive changes. The current Learning offerings are THE 7 BODIES: THE KEYS to the KINGDOM! Master Class. Show you how to gain more awareness to shift into wellness. Heal Yourself through Herbs- webinar. Author of “PURSUIT OF THE SOUL: ALLOWING YOUR PERFECT LIFE’S JOURNEY”- Creator of the WAHALIFESTYLE. CHECK OUT WAHALIVING.COM for her latest wellness blogs. Creator of CANARSIS HEALING WATER’S TOUR- JAMAICA, WI- Next Tour April 2023. The HEALING ARTS FESTIVAL: GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA. Herbal Products Creator of ALPHA MALE and ALPHA FEMALE- Libido Herbal products, MODERN DETOX-Detox herbal formula - 2020- SOUL BLOOM LIFE- Zoom WEBINAR- 2020. www.soulbloomlife.com ( web site dedicated to the special needs for women of color and our healing journey!) - Creating wellness spas internationally called BLISS ESSENTIALS-2005, She is a Natural Spa Consultant of great spas of the Caribbean like MERMAIDS SPA, RITZ CARLTON SPA , JACKIES ON THE REEF SPA, HIBISCUS DAY SPA. Email: avery@wahaliving.com for your free 30 Minute wellness consult! Put in subject line -30

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I over came stage 4 Cancer through natural holistic means. I thought I would die until I discovered the body will heal itself if placed in the right conditions! I created a program called 7 Steps to Wellness! Place yourself in the drivers seat of your health! International speaker, webinar speaker, podcast speaker, and wellness teacher.

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