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Founder and CEO, Global Works Consulting Group

Life Growth & Business Development Consulting Catalyst, delivering consulting for clients in various government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Health & Human Services, USSS, FAA, US CORP, ICE, FEMA, USCG, USDA Forestry and local governments, and the operations and information technology sectors.

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Erin is a highly sought-after business growth strategist that helps thought leaders in small and medium sized companies understand the rewards and risks involved in government contracting and business partnerships. She helps businesses access current operations and help them put project management tools and systems in place to scale their teams and connect with their clients. She has worked on all levels of Government from the top down to the bottom up (federal, regional, state, and local) as well as in all size ministries across the nation. Her work is geared towards equipping people with the process to flip their skillsets to be marketable in the marketplace, acquire knowledge, and present an exceptional portfolio for a successful business.
Erin is the Founder and CEO of Global Works Consulting Group where they are committed to teaching the foundations of building a consulting company to secure contracts and business deals with ease as well as give business owners the tools that are needed to show up and deliver on their promise. From research, strategy, to establishing and staffing a full-service Federal Government Department within your company, start with us, let’s build amazing.

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