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Experienced Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis trainer with 20 years coaching experience. Specialist in helping people with issues where anxiety and depression are a feature for example: General anxiety disorder (GAD) Work anxiety Driving anxiety Public speaking anxiety Parenting anxiety Health anxiety Social anxiety PTSD related anxiety Phobia related anxiety Stress related anxiety Obsessive-compulsive (OCD) anxiety I use tried and tested methods in my 4 hour programme to treat the root cause of anxiety and help people feel better. I equip my clients with techniques and strategies for managing their own mental health and wellbeing.

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My Philosophy;

I’ve laid out my philosophy as topics below. These are the things I live by and help my clients explore.

Find your inner smile

So often we are chasing what we are persuaded is life’s dream of a materialistic existence and there is nothing wrong with wanting and having these things. BUT, many people have these things and they are not happy. Why?

I believe that appreciating the smallest of things increases our happiness and feelings of being enough. Imagine feeling delight at ‘just’ seeing a butterfly fluttering about its business. What would that be like? Finding these moments of pleasure in your life little and often become second nature the more you do them. Find your inner smile and you will enjoy life more wherever you start from.

Learn about yourself

I’m always curious about how people answer the question ‘Who are you?’. Often people say wife, husband, mum, dad, accountant, hairdresser, teacher or whatever. These are titles, not who a person is. We give pieces of ourselves away to these titles over the years and lose touch with who we really are. Who you are makes you an original, a unique and special person.

Knowing who you are makes you feel aligned with life, more confident and more sure about the meaning of your life. It is the easiest way to a new future, to laugh more and to find your purpose. I spend a lot of time helping people find out who they really are and when the answer comes it always comes with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes.

Treat life as an adventure

I find it hard to believe that anyone has a life without adventure. Maybe not all to the extent that Bear Grylls does, but how about the adventure of learning what works and what doesn’t? The adventure of loving and living and the challenges we face? The adventure of new experiences and the learning they bring. Experiences and insight we gain.

When you treat life as an adventure, it reduces fear and increases your willingness to try new things without worrying about failing (because failing is part of the adventure!). Think holidays here, some are better than others, some you miss a flight or the hotel is miles from where you expected or the weather is bad but it’s still an adventure.

Be honest with yourself and others

Often the person people hide the truth from the most is themselves. They are not happy, they are not in live, they are bored, they don’t like themselves…. The list goes on.

Quite often unexpected or uncontrolled behaviour will be taking place and you are thinking, why is this happening? Why can’t I control this? Why can’t I get a grip? Well that’s because your soul is in cahoots with your unconscious and they are letting you (and the world) know that things aren’t right.

Being honest with yourself and taking action can change your life. When you are more in control and better aligned, you can be honest with others about your needs and what you are changing. And the stars align and wow, that honesty feels so good.

Wholeness through consciousness

We live on a planet that grows things from seeds, creates humans from scratch and where animals talk without words. And that is just scratching the surface. There is always more. Some people talk about ‘waking up’ or an ‘awakening’ but I prefer to just think of it as awareness. Awareness of ourselves, others, our surroundings and then anything else that we choose!

Consciousness makes you feel connected. To others, yourself, the world, universe and beyond. It’s relaxing, thought provoking and soothing. It’s a journey that once you start can be endless and a great comfort and source of inspiration in your life.

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