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Justin Handley

Justin Handley

Multi-Instrumentalist, Silvermouse

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Justin has done deep research on brainwave entrainment and merges his passion for consciousness with his art as a musician in Silvermouse.

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Justin is an explorer of consciousness and all of the ways that sound interacts with it. As the Director of Audio Engineering at the Monroe Institute, he works with an amazing team exploring how different states of consciousness can be reached and experiences triggered using brainwave entrainment techniques.

As the multi-instrumentalist in Silvermouse, Justin explores the relationship of live music and its connection to the ecstatic state and the psychedelic mind.

Silvermouse is currently the only band on the planet playing live shows supported by brainwave entrainment. If you want to talk about brainwave entrainment, the relationship of musical techniques to emotional experience, or just how real this reality is, Justin is your guy.

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