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Kim Knight

Kim Knight

Founder, The EAA and Tao Health Qigong

Founder Emotional Alchemy Academy 2019, Founder Tao Health Qigong 2006, Founder the Art of Health 2009, Winner SFT Award HINZ 2016, Finalist NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year 2011, 30 years experience in mind-body health, 15 years clinical experience in root cause analysis and lifestyle medicine.

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The person has expertise delivering talks on the following subjects.

Stress Management
Spiritual Awakening
Emotional Cause Of Physical Symptoms
Childhood Emotional Neglect
Self Care And Work Life Balance
Root Cause Analysis
Managing Narcissists And Toxic Bullies
Lifestyle Medicine
Transformation Of Consciousness
Myalgic Encephalomylitis
Adrenal Fatigue
Chronic Fatigue
Qigong And Yuan Gong
Meditation And Mindfulness


Kim’s gift is in making seemingly complex health topics very simple: she loves showing people how to take care of their own wellbeing by managing their stress, emotions, mind and lifestyle, with the end-result of either reversing complex symptomology (eg chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, fibromyalgia) without having to use external aids (such as supplements to medication), or prevent illness happening at all. Her speciality is in understanding the emotional causation of physical illness. She has trained in multiple cutting-edge therapies including Lifestyle Prescriptions™, Meta Medicine, Advanced Clearing Energetics, mBIT multiple brain integration, Moativational Medicine™, Qigong, Energy Healing, Ren Xue Human Life Science, Yuan Gong and more. Her work goes beyond physical healing into the realms of emotional and mind mastery, as well as transformation of consciousness and spiritual awakening. She grew up in the UK and is currently based in New Zealand.

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