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KJ Gracie

Director, Jam Coding MK

Bedford, United Kingdom

Company Director, Home educating veteran and advisor, Subject specialist teacher in coding and computing, Autism and disability advocate.

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I'm passionate about helping others understand neurodiversity and the benefits to everyone of making accommodations to embrace the most diverse communities possible in our classrooms and work places.

With 15 years experience of working schools and education, from some of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country, to some of the most challenging and underfunded schools, I have a breadth of experience in bringing inclusive culture to a variety of settings.

That, combined with my work in the home ed community, means I have a flexible and unique outlook on how we manage our classrooms and learning to best suit the children in front of us.

With the average age of diagnosis for autistic women being in their 30s, I believe it's vitally important that we start training teachers to assume neurodiversity, particulary in girls, rather than waiting for a diagnosis to start making accommodations to support their learners!

But that's just one example of demographics we need to be looking out for. Certainly in computer science, we see huge gaps between gender, race, whether you come from a single parent family etc... My goal is to encourage all learners that their unique experiences have value, and that we are all poorer when industries are heavily populated with one type of person.

For that reason, we make it our goal to train up coaches who look like them, and positively role model what an inclusive work place should look like.

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