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Kurt Uhlir

Kurt Uhlir

Chief Marketing Officer & Keynote Speaker, Uhlir Ventures

Atlanta, United States of America

Marketing expert that has helped create 3 new industries: social media management, influencer marketing, and location-based applications. He advises leaders, from startup founders to private-equity backed CEOs to the President of the United States.

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The person has expertise delivering talks on the following subjects.

Digital Marketing
Social Media
Personal Branding
Real Estate
Influence Economy
Real Estate Websites
Servant Leadership
Scaling Marketing
Real Estate Marketing
American Made
Community Building

Press & Media Links

Epic Company Culture Podcast: Culture Champion – Kurt Uhlirhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZiGmroqTlc&feature=emb_titleKurt Uhlir at the White House with the Presidenthttps://www.c-span.org/video/?c4700340/user-clip-kurt-uhlir-white-house-made-america-roundtableKurt Uhlir's 2019 Talk on Marketing Innovation in Real Estate and the Mapping/Spatial Industrieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ztqbXHQih8&t=1s(Thrive Global) Your Company Needs Big Ideas and Creativity, But Great Execution is the Key to Success: With Kurt Uhlirhttps://medium.com/thrive-global/your-company-needs-big-ideas-and-creativity-but-great-execution-is-the-key-to-success-with-kurt-3862c6c8afd3Navigating the New Business Landscape: Insights from Executive Coach Kurt Uhlir on Modern Corporatehttps://www.findsvp.com/navigating-the-new-business-landscape-insights-from-executive-coach-kurt-uhlir-on-modern-corporate/Kurt Uhlir On Leading Through Disruption: How To Achieve Hyper Growth In A Competitive Markethttps://americannewsreport.com/how-to-achieve-hyper-growth-in-a-competitive-market/Following Kurt Uhlir's approach to High-Achieving Servant Leadership to put Faith into Actionhttps://thegracefulchapter.com/kurt-uhlirs-approach-achieving-servant-leadership/The Evolution of Marketing Technology with Kurt Uhlirhttps://www.dejaoffice.com/blog/2023/04/21/the-evolution-of-marketing-technology-with-kurt-uhlir/The Future of Proptech: 5 Trends to Watch with Kurt Uhlirhttps://simpleshowing.com/blog/the-future-of-proptech-5-trends-to-watch/The Top 5 Marketing Technology Trends in 2023 - prophesied by Kurt Uhlirhttps://onlinedesignteacher.com/2023/03/the-top-5-marketing-technology-trends.htmlKurt Uhlir's Guide To Raising Servant Leaders & Why It Mattershttps://thecoffeemom.net/kurt-uhlirs-guide-to-raising-servant-leaders-why-it-matters/Following Kurt Uhlir's Approach to Raising High-Achieving Servant Leadershttps://nerdynaut.com/following-kurt-uhlirs-approach-to-raising-high-achieving-servant-leadersFinding Success by Combining Your Faith and Good Business Practiceshttps://africanparadiseworld.com/2023/01/13/faith-and-good-business-practices/Kurt Matchmaker.fm profile for podcast guest requestshttps://www.matchmaker.fm/show-guest/kurt-uhlir-bae2edKurt's National Speakers Association Profile & Programshttps://www.espeakers.com/s/nsas/profile/48400Speakermatch Profile: Leadership Keynote Speaker & Corporate Speaker for Eventshttps://speakermatch.com/profile/speaker/kurt-uhlir/biography2024 Leadership Speaking Reel | Keynote speaker | Corporate Eventshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5TgvXdMoZMKurt Uhlir’s Approach To High-Achieving Servant Leadership Sweeps Korean Companieshttps://www.hapskorea.com/kurt-uhlirs-approach-to-high-achieving-servant-leadership-sweeps-korean-companies/Leading With Purpose: Kurt Uhlir’s Insights On High-Achieving Servant Leadership And Its Role In Organizationshttps://southslopenews.com/kurt-uhlirs-insights-on-high-achieving-servant-leadership-and-its-role-in-organizations/Empathy and Success: Kurt Uhlir's Guide to Sustainable Growth in the Canary Islandshttps://canarianweekly.com/posts/Empathy-and-success-Kurt-Uhlir-s-guide-to-sustainable-growth-in-the-Canary-IslandsFrom Strategy To Execution: The Role Of A Systems Mindset In Marketing Leadershiphttps://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2023/10/30/from-strategy-to-execution-the-role-of-a-systems-mindset-in-marketing-leadership/Growth Marketing Metrics That Matter For Private Equity Firmshttps://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2023/11/28/growth-marketing-metrics-that-matter-for-private-equity-firms/Scaling Growth: How to 10x Your Business using Servant Leadership with Kurt Uhlirhttps://leadersoftransformation.com/podcast/business/472-scaling-growth-how-to-10x-your-business-using-servant-leadership-with-kurt-uhlir/Kurt Uhlir, VP of Marketing and Operations – eXp World Holdings (eXp Realty)https://therealestatesessions.com/episodes/episode-348-kurt-uhlir/It’s All About Controlled Risk with Kurt Uhlir, VP of Marketing at eXp World Holdings (eXp Realty)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9-49c9H8vMWhy a Million Dollars Wasn’t Enough with Leadership Keynote Speaker Kurthttps://thinktyler.com/podcast_episode/leadership-why-a-million-dollars-wasnt-enough-kurt-uhlir/Real Estate Agent Podcast Episode 94: Using Your Personal Brand to Tell Stories that Drive Revenue with Kurt Uhlirhttps://www.theceshop.com/agent-essentials/podcast/episode-94-using-your-personal-brand-to-tell-stories-that-drives-revenue-with-kurt-uhlirMarketing and Innovation Executive Joins Showcase IDX as Chief Marketing Officerhttps://www.prdistribution.com/news/marketing-and-innovation-executive-joins-showcase-idx-as-chief-marketing-officer.htmlBeing Great with Kurt Uhlir | Rethink Marketing Podcasthttps://www.therethinkmarketingpodcast.com/being-great-kurt-uhlir/How An Entrepreneur And Advisor To a US President Is Bringing Business Back To Americahttps://www.reademilner.com/blog/madeinamerica12 Ways to Amplify Your Hiring Strategy This Yearhttps://www.jobvite.com/blog/hiring-strategy/Spin Sucks Question: How Do You Define the Value of PR?https://spinsucks.com/social-media/define-value-of-pr/Turning your website into the digital hub of all of your company’s marketinghttps://www.designyourway.net/blog/turning-your-website-into-the-digital-hub-of-all-of-your-companys-marketing/5 WAYS TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP YOU TAKE A VACATION FROM YOUR BUSINESS THIS WINTERhttps://www.spectrum.com/business/insights/management/5-ways-technology-can-help-you-take-a-vacation-from-your-business-this-winter/HOW TO USE TEXT MESSAGING TO ENGAGE AND DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERShttps://www.spectrum.com/business/insights/marketing/how-to-use-text-messaging-to-engage-and-delight-your-customers/


“The King of Scaling.”
This is what I’ve been called by top marketers and CEOs worldwide. For good reason.

Kurt is a globally-recognized 10x marketer, operator, and speaker. He has built and run early-stage companies as well as those over $500M in annual revenue, assembled teams across six continents, been part of the small team leading an IPO ($880M), and participated in dozens of acquisitions. His unique experience being inside hundreds of high-growth companies with the opportunity to analyze, scale, make changes of leadership, and oversee operations has labeled him “the king of scaling businesses”.

Known for being at the front lines for creating several of the marketing channels we all use today, including social media management, influencer marketing, and location-based marketing, with the last five years spent in real estate. In addition to his experience building and/or operating dozens of companies, he has advised hundreds more.

As a popular keynote speaker, podcast guest, and author on high-achieving servant leadership, Kurt wants to help people and create environments where people can flourish as themselves. He has appeared on national television shows and periodicals including Wired, TechCrunch, Thrive Global, USA Today, Business 2 Community, WGN Radio, NBC, ABC, and many more. Kurt’s public speaking experience includes hundreds of speeches across the United States and Europe, including presenting at prominent industry events such as PPAI, GDC, EXPCON, the White House, and private company/team workshops.

He has served as a Chief Marketing Officer, fractional CMO, strategy officer, Chief Operating Officer, and other roles. He is also the lead inventor of disruptive technologies in 5 industries, with 16 granted patents – demonstrating his ability to quickly understand and explain complex technologies to others.

Whether it’s humor, information on modern digital marketing, innovation, or inspiration, Kurt is sure to deliver immense value. Reach out to him to hear stories that will move you and give your audience tactical next steps to unlocking success.

Kurt is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) - a collective of more than 3,000+ professional members who are among the top public speakers in the world. He is sought after as an international keynote and conference speaker.

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