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Natasha Todorovic-Cowan.

Natasha Todorovic-Cowan.

CEO, Spiral Dynamics

Natasha?s topics of expertise are: 1-Moving teams from mediocre or average performance to high performance 2-Aligning change strategies to the people that need to implement those strategies 3- THE LEADERSHIP TRAP: 6 Pitfalls that Sabotage Leaders? Power and Authority 4- NAVIGATING CHANGE IN A RAPIDLY SHIFTING ENVIRONMENT 5- How psychosocial development underlies all organizational strategies Here are some of the media, podcasts and video series that have featured Natasha on their shows:  Smashing the Plateau ?How to Navigate Tough People Problems?  Doug Morneau ?How to Prepare Your Business for Change?  Positive Productivity with Kim Sutton     Dare to Dream Podcast with Debbie Dashinger  And many more...

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Dr. Todorovic is a leadership and team-building expert who utilizes science-based, people-strategies and insights to help businesses work more effectively internally and have the cohesion they need to more effectively serve their customers and their markets. Here belief is that all profit problems, process problems and product problems start and end with a people problem.
As a person who has worked in over 15 different countries on 5 continents, who watched her industry collapse, and who comes from a country that no longer exists, Natasha is no stranger to change and how people react to one another under stress. Natasha is CEO of a small company that owns an internationally recognized brand, Spiral Dynamics. Natasha has worked with a range of people from Board Room to shop floor, from entrepreneur to solopreneur, and she knows how to knit people to their mission, their goals, and to one another.
Over 50,000 people worldwide have completed her proprietary Spiral Dynamics? Assessments and she is a sought-after consultant when it comes to change and the people factors impacting the bottom line.

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