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Olejuru Lanfear


Merchandise Planning | Published Author | Retail Classes Creator | Kintell Advisor

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The person has expertise delivering talks on the following subjects.

Merchandise Planning
Inventory Management


Through sharing my knowledge, I add to mine.

Having been fortunate to have worked in buying departments within the merchandise planning function on three continents, I have gathered a wide range of experience, that has increased my wealth of knowledge and I am now imparting that knowledge onto smaller retailers.

My knowledge sharing is done through teaching classes online and in person, my podcast, answering questions within my area of expertise and my book on planning called - "The Fundamentals of Planning: Understanding the merchandise planning function for retail success" and is available on Amazon and in bookstores.

It gives a succinct definition and provides readers with an understanding of what merchandise planning is, what it does and how it fits into a retail organisation.

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