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Paul Lange

Paul Lange

Director, Manolutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

Gold Coast, Australia

Business Transformation Mentor, Private Equity veteran helping business scale, grow, expand and exit for more than 30 years, Futurist, Investor, Business Hedonist, Published Author, Keynote Speaker

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Business Growth
Business Transformation
Social Emotional Learning
Exit Strategy
The Future Of Education


In the last 30+ years I’ve been known as and called many things by different people. From consigliere, to mentor, coach, advisor … and a few names I won’t repeat.

Labels have zero impact on me. What influences me is a person’s way of being; their values and whether we share values.

What I do day to day is work with business owners and C-Suite of larger businesses to help them through a growth stage of their business, whether they’re a start-up or a more mature enterprise.

For three decades I’ve worked in private equity. In that time I’ve helped founders and executive boards scale, grow and expand their ventures to position them for either investment or a strategic exit. I’ve also founded, grown and exited several very successful ventures of my own … and quite a number more which I chalk up to entrepreneurial R&D at the institute of hard knocks.

Are you the business owner or a senior executive of a business? Do you want to either raise equity investment in the next 12 - 24 months or exit in the next three to five years? Do you think the business is capable of achieving more than is currently forecasted. Are you willing to do what is needed to achieve that? Are you willing to accept help?

If you answered yes to all five questions, we should talk.

Personally and professionally I'm a total hedonist, enjoying every experience for what it is. Sometimes you might find me raw. Sometimes confronting. If you can look beyond the meaning you give to any physical interaction and see what actually is, we'll go further together faster. My highest personal value is happiness, followed equally by family, building wealth, making a shitload of cash for all engaged in a common venture and making social impact along the way.

In every interaction I value honesty and integrity.

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