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Sue Wilhite

Sue Wilhite

Ms Tech Coach, Sweet Sound of Success

Rohnert Park, United States of America

•Keeping up with tech since Steve Jobs introduced the "Lisa" (precursor to the Mac) • Teaching tech & making it understandable to both industry professionals and non-techies for over 30 years

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After spending over 20 years in Management Information Systems, Sue Wilhite learned business from the inside out. Bringing all her varied skills together, she became known by her clients and colleagues as the "Make It Happen Maven." She loves helping others by making complex subjects understandable and relatable.
Fun facts:
• At the age of four or so, Sue appeared on a local TV show called Mayor Art's Playhouse, and muscled other kids out of the way to get to microphone. [She was thrilled to use a real one, instead of a stick!]
• She was literally in the room when Steve Jobs made a presentation to one of the first PC / Computing Conferences, demonstrating the "Lisa" - the precursor to the Mac!
• Her worst audience was a group of robotics engineers that she was assigned to teach BASIC programming language to. They thought it was going to be a waste of time - but she convinced them otherwise and had them looking forward to the weekly lessons!
• Her favorite "speaking" gig was being invited up on the stage at a "Whose Live Anyway" improv show with Greg Proop, Joel Murray, Jeff Davis & Ryan Stiles, telling a "fairy tale" by taking turns with the story. A peak experience!

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