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Trish Decena

Trish Decena

Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on 2nd October 2023Updated 15th July 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of creating genuine connections cannot be overstated. As the lines between the virtual and physical worlds blur, the need for community building becomes paramount.

Online communities and events have emerged as formidable avenues to rally individuals around mutual passions and interests. A significant 54% of consumers are calling for a shift in how companies engage with them, signaling the urgency for innovative approaches.


Amidst the myriad of digital marketing strategies, online events shine brightly as a beacon of opportunity. These events, be it in the virtual realm or in physical spaces, provide brands with an unparalleled avenue to foster deeper, more meaningful interactions with their audience. In a market brimming with competition, the ability to carve out a distinct identity is invaluable.

Events, fueled with creativity and authenticity, offer brands the chance to rise above the digital noise, solidify trust, and build relationships that stand the test of time.


For those seeking more online event ideas and inspiration in this domain, here's a curated list of 10 virtual event ideas that promise to be instrumental in your community-building endeavors:

Virtual Summits

Virtual summits have emerged as a premier event idea in the digital age, serving as platforms for thought leaders and industry experts to converge and discuss specific subjects. These online gatherings, often spread over multiple days, are meticulously curated to feature a diverse range of speakers, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table.


For organizers, hosting such an event not only amplifies their visibility in the industry but also positions them as facilitators of meaningful dialogues. Attendees, on the other hand, find themselves in a virtual space brimming with like-minded individuals, making it an ideal setting for networking, learning, and broadening horizons.

The richness of content and the opportunity for interaction make virtual summits an invaluable resource for all involved.

Online Conferences

Online conferences have emerged as a leading virtual event idea, seamlessly merging the essence of traditional conferences with the convenience of digital platforms.


These virtual events, much like online workshops, offer participants the opportunity to engage in real-time discussions and access pre-recorded content without geographical constraints.

Organizers, equipped with the right tools, can craft an experience that not only retains the core values of in-person conferences but also caters to a broader audience. The goal is to provide a rich, interactive environment, making online conferences a top choice for those looking to deliver value and foster meaningful connections in the virtual space.

Online Workshops

In the era of remote work, online workshops have become an invaluable tool for companies to encourage employees to continue their professional and personal growth. These workshops, whether they focus on job-specific skills, hobbies, or mental health, provide a platform for employees to engage, learn, and connect.


These sessions are tailored to be short but impactful and designed to offer hands-on training while ensuring that participants remain engaged throughout.

For remote teams, these workshops not only serve as a learning opportunity but also as a means to foster camaraderie among employees. By promoting mental health workshops, companies underscore the importance of well-being, helping employees navigate the unique challenges of remote work.

On the other hand, hobby-based workshops can offer a refreshing break, allowing remote employees to bond over shared interests.

Incorporating interactive elements, such as breakout rooms, ensures that these sessions remain dynamic and offer a personalized touch. By investing in such initiatives, companies not only boost their organizational culture but also demonstrate a commitment to the holistic development of their employees.

Virtual Networking Events

In an increasingly digital world, the essence of networking remains unchanged: it's about forging meaningful connections. Virtual networking events have emerged as one of the most innovative virtual social event ideas, bridging the gap between geographical boundaries and time zones.

These social events are designed to encourage people to interact, share experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest, all from the comfort of their homes or offices.

The success of an online event, especially one centered around networking, hinges on the platform's ease of use. A seamless, intuitive platform ensures that attendees can focus on the conversations rather than technical glitches.


Features such as breakout rooms, interactive polls, and real-time chat can further enrich the experience, making participants feel as if they're in a physical room, exchanging business cards

Moreover, the flexibility offered by virtual networking events means that they can be tailored to suit various themes and industries. Whether it's a gathering of tech enthusiasts, book lovers, or entrepreneurs, the virtual format ensures that everyone has a chance to voice their opinions, ask questions, and build relationships that could last a lifetime.

Online Entertainment

Online festivals have rapidly evolved into a dynamic platform that transcends traditional event boundaries. By seamlessly integrating academic sessions with a plethora of fun virtual event ideas, they cater to a diverse audience with varied interests. Whether you're looking to gain knowledge from expert-led workshops or simply let loose with some virtual games, these festivals have something for everyone.


One of the standout features of online festivals is their ability to recreate the vibrant atmosphere of physical events in a virtual space. Attendees can navigate through different sections, each designed to offer unique content and experiences.

For instance, a dedicated place online might host a series of enlightening talks, while another corner buzzes with virtual activities ranging from interactive quizzes to live music sessions.


Moreover, the flexibility of the online format allows for a broader range of activities. Think of virtual art galleries, cooking classes, or even yoga sessions. The goal is to foster a sense of community and connection, ensuring that attendees leave with not just new knowledge, but also fond memories and potentially new friends.

Virtual Roadshows

In the age of digital transformation, virtual roadshows have emerged as a compelling event idea to introduce and promote products or services to a wider audience. By leveraging the power of virtual tours, companies can effectively take their offerings on a 'virtual tour', reaching audiences across different geographies without the constraints of physical boundaries. These roadshows are designed with precision, ensuring that each presentation is tailored to resonate with the target audience.


The addition of interactive Q&A sessions further enhances the experience, providing attendees with the opportunity to clarify doubts, share feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions.

For those looking to add an element of speed networking, virtual roadshows can also incorporate quick, timed interactions, allowing attendees to connect with multiple representatives or fellow participants in a short span of time.

AMAs (Ask Me Anythings)

The AMA format stands out as a refreshing event idea in the vast sea of digital engagements. It offers a candid platform where attendees are encouraged to ask any question, be it about a product, the company's vision, or industry trends.

This open dialogue fosters a sense of trust and promotes transparency, breaking down barriers that might exist between a brand and its community. By allowing attendees to steer the conversation, AMAs ensure that the content is relevant and addresses genuine concerns or interests.


The result is a deeper connection with the audience, as they appreciate the brand's willingness to listen and engage in open communication. Whether conducted by industry experts, company leaders, or guest speakers, AMAs have the potential to transform passive attendees into active participants, making them an invaluable tool in community-building efforts.

Online Fireside Chats

In the vast landscape of virtual event ideas, online fireside chats stand out as a unique opportunity to foster genuine interactions. Modeled after the age-old tradition of gathering around a fire to share stories, these sessions bring together a guest speaker and a moderator for an informal yet insightful conversation.

The beauty of this format lies in its simplicity and authenticity, allowing attendees to have a deeper discussion about the thoughts and experiences of industry leaders, experts, or influencers.

The intimate nature of fireside chats is instrumental in building relationships. Attendees get the rare chance to witness unscripted moments, candid discussions, and spontaneous reactions, making the conversation feel more personal and relatable.


This authenticity can significantly encourage engagement, as participants feel more inclined to ask questions, share their perspectives, or even challenge the speaker's viewpoints.

To make the most of this format, event organizers can introduce interactive elements. Tools like live polling not only keep the audience involved but also provide speakers with real-time feedback, allowing them to tailor the discussion based on the audience's interests and responses. HeySummit's newest feature, the Sponsor Booth, is also something worth checking. Trust us, your sponsors (and audiences) will thank you for it.

By creating an environment that promotes open dialogue and active participation among group members, online fireside chats can serve as a powerful tool to strengthen community ties and foster lasting connections in the virtual realm.

Community Building as a Catalyst for Business Growth

The benefits of virtual events extend beyond community building. For businesses, these events present a multifaceted opportunity. They can amplify branding efforts, positioning a company as an industry leader and innovator.

By hosting events that resonate with the target audience, businesses can enhance their brand image, fostering loyalty and trust among consumers.


Furthermore, virtual events play a pivotal role in team cohesion. Hosting internal events, workshops, or team-building sessions can strengthen the bonds between team members, especially in remote working setups.

A united team, aligned with the company's vision, can drive productivity and innovation, propelling the business forward.

For those seeking inspiration in this domain, here's a curated list of virtual event ideas that promise to be instrumental in your community-building endeavors:

Harnessing the Power of HeySummit

In the landscape of best virtual events, the importance of a reliable and comprehensive platform cannot be overstated. HeySummit stands out as an all-in-one events platform, designed to cater to every aspect of your event planning and execution needs. Whether you're hosting a small workshop or a large-scale conference, the right tools can make all the difference.

One of the standout features of HeySummit is its integration capabilities with leading video conferencing platforms. This ensures that your event's video content, whether live or pre-recorded, is delivered smoothly and professionally. No more technical glitches or streaming issues; just high-quality video content that resonates with your audience.


Beyond video, HeySummit's data analysis tools allow organizers to gauge event performance, making informed decisions for future events. The platform's landing page and email creation tools streamline the attendee journey, from registration to post-event engagement.

As mentioned earlier, the speaker booth feature further enhances interaction, providing a dedicated space for speakers and attendees to connect. This, along with other features, highlights HeySummit's focus on fostering genuine relationships during events.

Incorporating HeySummit into your event strategy ensures a seamless, impactful experience, setting the stage for building strong community ties.

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