Email Platform and Automation

Automate your communication effortlessly with our integrated email solutions. From pre-event announcements to post-event feedback, we’ve got you covered.

Feature Highlights

HeySummit's powerful email platform takes care of all event communications. Here are some of the features you can expect to see.

Manage all event emails from one, unified list. Track open and unsubscribe rates at a glance.
Segment your audience for targeted emails. E.g. send an email to all attendees who didn't purchase a specific ticket.
Customise any email with our powerful editor. Add mail merge, headers, images, lists and more.
Use our default email address or add your own domain. You can also manage multiple senders for different types of emails.
Powerful reporting to help you keep track of emails sent. E.g. so that you can check if a specific email bounced or failed to send.

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Streamlined Communication for Every Stage


Schedule emails to engage your audience before the event starts


Send real-time updates and reminders to maximize participation


Collect valuable feedback and send thank-you notes effortlessly

Seamless Integration, Personalized Experience

Seamless Integration, Personalized Experience

Our email platform helps you create, schedule, and send customized emails with ease. Whether it’s for audience engagement or gathering feedback, our features are designed to give you a personalized yet automated experience.

Our Email Platform

Is Super-Powered With

Drip Campaigns

Set up automatic email sequences to nurture leads and maintain engagement

Monitor Open-Rates

Keep track of email effectiveness with real-time open rate analytics

Audience Segmentation

Segment your audience for targeted campaigns

Rich Email Content Editor

Powerful editor with mail merge, headers, image, lists and more

Other Features to Help You Grow Your Event

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your audience with our comprehensive dashboards. Track page views, conversion rates, revenue, and more.

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Language & Tone Customization

HeySummit enables full customization of content and navigation, ensuring your event resonates with every attendee, in any language.

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Language & Tone Customization

Full-Featured Email Platform

Streamline communication with our integrated email platform. Edit, customize, and manage all emails directly within HeySummit.

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Full-Featured Email Platform

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