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Published on 3rd June 2021Updated 13th December 2023

What is Socio?

Socio’s specialty is hybridity, promising to bring together virtual and in-person events together in one unified attendee experience.

Built for event professionals and marketeers, Socio allows its users to promote and launch lucrative events from a single branded event management platform.

What’s great about Socio?

Socio is great for event marketing pros who want to take their in-person events online. Socio fast-tracks event management, giving you all the tools of an entire marketing team.

It’s great for sponsor visibility, driving attendee engagement with sponsors through banner ads, push notifications, and sponsor profiles.

Attendees can also enjoy an interactive web app, so that they can easily toggle between their preferred devices for optimal engagement.

What’s not so great about Socio?

We love Socio’s easy-to-use tools and features. But there’s just something important missing: guidance. Socio’s resources are limited to ‘how-tos’ on its platform features. Which is great, but you need more if you’re relatively new to event marketing.

🚀 Event marketing promotes your brand through, well, events! Your customers get the opportunity to interact directly with your brand, and you get to interact directly with them. Leveraging the power of experience is the best way to grow your business. 🚀

It’s all very well and good having instruction manuals for some great tools, but if you’re not quite sure where you’re heading, they’re not going to be much use to you.

If you’re just starting out in event marketing or if you feel there’s a lot to improve on, we recommend using HeySummit instead.

Why should you consider HeySummit instead?

🌎 HeySummit gives you the best of both worlds 🌎:

  • A tool-box of webinar integrations, customisable landing pages, streamlined ticketing, email flows, a speaker dashboard, and more.

  • All the advice, guidance, and instruction you need to build your perfect event marketing strategy.

We’ve got instructional courses, blogs, videos, podcasts, downloadable checklists, templates, and interactive sessions. And if that wasn’t enough - HeySummit’s team of experts are on-call to help you with your enquiries unique to your event and brand.

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