Virtual Events

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Virtual Events

The Challenge of

Hosting Virtual Events

Juggling different platforms for registration, live streaming, and analytics? Struggling to keep your audience engaged in a virtual setting? These common issues can detract from the impact of your virtual event.

Simplify and Amplify with HeySummit

From planning to post-event analytics, HeySummit offers a unified platform for your virtual events. Seamless integrations with popular streaming options like Zoom, YouTube Live, and StreamYard ensure you deliver a high-quality experience tailored to your needs.

Your Virtual Event, Streamlined

Your Virtual Event, Streamlined

Our intuitive dashboard simplifies every aspect of virtual event planning. Whether it's ticketing, live Q&A, or post-event metrics, every feature you need is integrated into one platform.

HeySummit's robust capabilities ensure a smooth, engaging event experience for both you and your attendees. Say goodbye to platform-jumping and hello to effortless event execution.

HeySummit is fast becoming the best platform for running a virtual event. It simplifies the process of running an event and helps me save a tonne of time in the process.

Steve Palfreyman

Founder of Futureative

HeySummit Testimonial: Steve Palfreyman

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