Event Management Software For Nonprofits: 10 Best Tools For Successful Events

Astley Cervania

Astley Cervania

Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on 1st June 2023Updated 15th July 2024

If you run a nonprofit, events are crucial for bringing your community together, raising funds, and building brand awareness.

With the right event management software for nonprofits, you can run successful events that achieve your organization’s goals.

But how do you choose the right solution? You need event software for nonprofits that won’t eat into your budget and offers features that make event planning and hosting seamless.

In this post, you’ll discover why you need a platform to manage your events, along with the best option for your business. 

What Is Event Management Software For Nonprofits? 

Event management software is an online tool for managing and hosting events. It provides a range of features to help you with everything from planning to execution.

These are typically features like CRM integrations, website designs, email templates, event registration, and webinar hosting capabilities; the software stops you needing to wrestle with multiple tools when hosting an event.

Software for nonprofits is specifically designed to help you with common nonprofit activities such as fundraising, donations and volunteer management

Why Do Nonprofits Need Event Management Software?

Events are crucial to the success of nonprofits; they give you a chance to engage key stakeholders, make new connections, fundraise, and spread awareness about your mission.

Running a smooth event depends on many elements—from event planning to fundraising to organizing, promoting, and executing. You’ll be spinning many plates when event planning, particularly true for small organizations with limited team members.

An event management software helps you streamline this process and keep all information in one place. These tools can help you with registration and ticketing, marketing and event promotion, and even give you a platform to host your event if it’s online.

They save you time, money, and stress and act like a virtual assistant who has your back. 

Event Management Software for Nonprofits: 10 Best Tools

We handpicked the top nonprofit event software based on their capabilities to do a few important things: 

  • Host different types of online fundraising and charity events

  • Manage donations, gifts, and payments

  • Help promote your event and reach a wider audience

  • Foster communities and attendee engagement

  • Process attendee registrations with efficiency 

Let’s take a look at the best platforms for your nonprofit. 

1. HeySummit

We have to admit we are a bit biassed here…

But we do place ourselves at the top of this list because of our ability and commitment to meeting each user’s needs, no matter how unique or complex the use case seems. 

Nonprofit organizations choose HeySummit as their event management software platform because of its technical ease of use and the dedication of our customer support team. 

At our core, the main problem we solve is this: the technical struggles of setting up and running an online or hybrid event. 

With many moving parts to consider, we designed our built-in features and tools to simplify the entire process. We wanted to make it simple enough that even beginners who have never hosted an event before know what to do.

What We Like About This Platform

HeySummit is one of the closest things to creating and managing an event in only just a few clicks. It’s a self-serving solution with a user-friendly interface. You’re provided with all the event and audience growth tools you need to organize communities, fundraising, and engagement. 

Users have the flexibility to host all types of events, from fundraising webinars to large conferences. Users can also manage multiple speakers, sponsors, and talk sessions from within one dashboard.

With that in mind, here are a few of the top features that have been game-changers for our users (including us):


  • Speaker management: You can organize multiple keynote speakers from one dashboard. Each speaker can update their bios and profiles and promote your event to their audience. You can also manage multiple sponsors at your event.

  • Talk management: create and customize your event talk sessions (pre-recorded or live) based on your speaker’s needs and the nature of the content being presented. 

  • Landing page builder: Our drag-and-drop builder automatically builds a website optimized for conversions based on the event details you entered during the setup process. You can also customize the event website with pre-built components such as countdown timers. 

  • Marketing and viral tools: grow your audience and increase attendee registrations by driving traffic to your event website with affiliate programs, custom email sequences, swipe copy, and more. 

  • Reporting and analytics: Make data-driven decisions by generating pre-event, live-event, and post-event reports. This also helps with attendee segmentation and tracking key metrics such as engagement and attendance rates, all from one place. 

  • Event ticketing systems: create different ticket types with selective content restrictions. Collect payments or direct donations with your preferred payment provider.


  • Starter: $49/mo

  • Growth: $99/mo

  • Success: $349/mo

  • 0% transaction fees

  • 25% discount on all plans if you’re a non-profit!


HeySummit is ideal when you prioritize the ease of use of running an event and when your goals are to use events to grow your organization. We remove all the technical headaches associated with setting up, customizing, and promoting different types of events as well as managing multiple speakers. 

Unlike other platforms, where you may feel overwhelmed by all the options available, HeySummit declutters the entire process. We’ve made it as straightforward as going from point A to point B. 


Our viral marketing features and audience growth tools will also help you spread the word, grow your audience, and increase event attendance. In other words, we centralize all parts of the event setup and management process to help you turn your content into a much more impactful part of your marketing strategy. 

Plus, HeySummit is well-known for having a swift customer support team. We treat each of your concerns as if they were our own, which is why we’re quick to respond with a solution that ensures your events are successful. 

Try HeySummit for free. 

2. Hopin

2. Hopin

Hopin is a user-friendly platform for all types of event professionals, including nonprofit organizations. It emphasizes replicating the in-person experience of an event and optimizing for attendee engagement. 

What We Like About This Platform

Here are a few things that we like about Hopin:

  • Intuitive platform with a range of interactive features 

  • Users can build customized booths for their online event

  • Chat and networking tools are provided

In short, we like Hopin’s user-friendly interface and customizable features, which allow you to feel like you’re in the room with the presenters. Another advantage of this tool if you’re running a nonprofit event is that there is a free version of the tool. 


  • Free: $0/mo

  • Starter: $99/mo

  • Business: starts at $6,000


Hopin is a solid overall event management platform. With lots of interactive features, they're a good choice when you prioritize audience engagement and networking events. 

This might be right for you when you’re looking to put on an interactive event where you expect virtual attendees to participate.

3. Givebutter

3. Givebutter

Givebutter is a platform for organizing fundraising events. It supports various event types, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Best of all, it’s a free event management software for nonprofits

What We Like About This Platform

We can see why nonprofit organizations may choose Givebutter over other event software for a few reasons: 

  • Givebutter is a free event management software that grants you access to all its s features without a fee. This makes it an appealing option for nonprofits on a budget and those who are new to event management

  • Users have the tools required to organize their events, including the ticket sales and donation process

  • Givebutter’s platform also comes with CRM tools to assist with audience segmentation and relationship management. 


  • Platform fees: $0

  • Processing fees: 2.9% + 30¢


You may choose Givebutter as your nonprofit event management software because it offers all its features at no cost. This makes it a good choice for less experienced nonprofit event organizers whose priority is reaching fundraising goals. 

That said, it is solely focused on fundraising events so you may want to consider other solutions with more flexibility when you’re looking to do more than just host a fundraiser.

4. SignUpGenius

4. SignUpGenius

SignUpGenius is an affordable platform for planning events and managing groups of volunteers. This nonpofit event software includes basic features to reduce the hassle of organizing multiple groups at once. 

What We Like About This Platform

Here’s a few things that we like about SignUpGenius

  • Users can build custom online sign-up forms that align with their brand aesthetic

  • The software offers features to assist with volunteer recruitment and management, such as automated text and email reminders

  • Premium plans include unlimited custom themes alongside custom fields that allow you to tailor the sign-up process


  • Silver: $11.99/mo

  • Gold: $29.99/mo

  • Platinum: $59.99/mo

  • Enterprise: Custom


The platform is affordable and allows you to streamline your events and customize sign-up forms. It also emphasizes managing volunteers. 

With these factors in mind, they are worth considering for nonprofit organizations that are looking for a budget-friendly event planning solution that focuses on iin-person events and volunteer management. 

5. PheedLoop


PheedLoop is an event management platform with a range of use cases, including charity fundraising events. It provides the tools required for creating and managing hybrid, virtual, and onsite events. 

What We Like About This Platform 

There are a couple of things we like about PheedLoop: 

  • The platform includes built-in donation tools to help you raise funds at your events

  • It’s a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need to use multiple tools when organizing a fundraising event

  • Nonprofits seeking to expand their reach may want to consider hosting hybrid events, which is within PheedLoop’s capabilities


Paid plans start from as low as $1. Full pricing plans are available by getting in touch via PheedLoop’s contact form.


PheedLoop is a great solution if you’re focused on organizing fundraising events for potential donors. 

The built-in donation tools, flexibility in fundraising options, and management capabilities for hosting different event types make this tool a great all-rounder. 

6. CharityEngine

6. CharityEngine

CharityEngine is a CRM and event management software built specifically for nonprofits. Users can plan different types of in-person and virtual events. For example, a silent auction or a large conference. 

One of the only virtual event platforms for nonprofits exclusively, it serves charities, education institutions, charities, youth groups, animal welfare organizations, social justice movements, and more. 

What We Like About This Platform 

We like the user interface and design of this event management software. The features worth taking note of:

  • As a CRM platform, the software offers a wide range of features for planning and promoting fundraising events

  • Customizable event website pages (which can embed online forms, e.g., event signup forms) to align with your branding 

  • No need for a separate online event registration software because CharityEngineallows you to organize the event management process from attendee signups to online ticket sales 

  • You can create custom templates and text messaging when you send automated email reminders and event updates 

  • Event attendees can get access to an online portal that allows them to see event details, such as ticketing tiers, which can improve the attendee experience

  • Reporting and analytics features allow you to get insight into how well your messaging is performing 


  • Standard: $450-$700/mo

  • Professional: $700-$1,500/mo

  • Enterprise: Custom


Although CharityEngine can help you optimize the event planning process and engage supporters of your organization, it’s not as affordable compared to other event management solutions on this list. For a business with a small budget, this tool is way out of range. 

7. RSVPify

7. RSVPify

RSVPify is affordable event management software. It offers a suite of tools to assist non-profits throughout the event planning process, from setting it up and inviting attendees to managing check-ins.

What We Like About This Platform 

Here's what we found notable about RSVPify:

  • There’s a range of customization options available for personalizing your event website as well as email invitations

  • Nonprofits can collect gifts and donations

  • You can track online RSVPs to see how many invitees are expected to show up 

  • Organizations can embed RSVPify's online registration forms on their own websites 

  • Automate email confirmations and event reminders

  • Event dashboards

  • Create customizable registration forms to collect data

  • Integrations with third-party software so you can integrate data


  • Personal events: $19/mo

  • Professional events: $39/mo

  • Enterprise: Custom (starts at $599/mo)


RSVPify is a solid choice for those new to event management platforms thanks to its affordable pricing plans. 

Although it provides basic tools, it may feel more limited when it comes to managing multiple things at once, such as different talk sessions, keynote speakers, and event sponsors. It’s also not specifically designed with nonprofits in mind so has a lot of unnecessary features you won’t use. 

8. Cvent


Cvent offers a vast range of features for managing nonprofit events at scale. They can tailor their solutions to the unique needs of each organization they work with. 

Users can streamline their event management process without having to entirely change their workflow. 

What We Like About This Platform 

Since Cvent has a range of advanced features available, we like how they can cater to nonprofit organizations based on specific needs and goals. 

Cvent has its perks: 

  • Advanced features such as membership management, workflow management, budget management, and more. 

  • Users can generate event ROI reports so you can evaluate the success of your strategy 

  • Personalize your email messages by creating branded email templates 

  • Mobile event apps are available


No exact figure is shown on their website. You’ll need to get in touch for a quote. 


Aside from helping you organize your events, Cvent improves the overall efficiency of your workflow. 

It’s one platform to consider when events are already a core part of your marketing strategy. However, Cvent is not the most affordable solution on this list. It’s also not the most beginner-friendly platform for those who are just getting started with using events as a marketing strategy due to the range and complexity of features available, which can feel overwhelming. 

9. Airmeet


Airmeet is a hybrid and virtual event solution that helps nonprofits deliver a positive experience for attendees. 

They’ll help you foster communities, expand global reach, and host interactive online events that make it straightforward for people to network and connect with one another. 

What We Like About This Platform 

There are a few things we like most about this platform: 

  • Nonprofits can host a variety of events with networking opportunities, such as social webinars and workshops

  • Airmeet puts emphasis on attendee engagement amongst members and volunteers as well as fostering an active community online

  • Organize a panel of speakers to improve the overall event experience

  • Customizable booths are available where you can edit banners and color schemes so that the event fits your brand aesthetic


  • Free (up to 50 attendees per event): $0

  • Premium Webinars (from 100 attendees per event): $167/mo

  • Virtual Events (up to 100,000 attendees) : Custom price


Airmeet is a scalable platform that can help nonprofits reach a global audience. It’s very focused on virtual events so if you want to run events in real life, it may not be the best option for you. 

However, it’s not as easy to use compared to other platforms on this list, and it's not the most affordable either.

10. vFairs

10. vFairs

vFairs is an online event software platform that’s known for its comprehensive virtual solutions. Users can host and organize both hybrid and in-person events

What We Like About This Platform 

What we like most about vFairs is that they can help you imitate large in-person events from the comfort of your own home by using virtual technology. 

Here’s what we find most appealing about the platform:

  • Not only can you customize the design of your events, but vFairs also provides you with custom features (e.g., shopping carts, job boards, and virtual poster halls) depending on the type of event you’re hosting

  • Immerse attendees by creating virtual environments using 3D designs and avatars

  • The platform includes gamification and interactive features such as live polls 

  • CRM and marketing platform integrations are available

  • You can manage event registration and ticketing within the platform 

  • A mobile event app and lead capture allow attendees to check in and access event information in real-time

  • You can increase sponsor visibility via your customized site and event app

  • Seamless integrations make it simple to use 


No exact figure is shown on their website. You’ll need to get in touch for a quote. 


Using virtual reality, vFairs is a platform that can help you imitate an in-person event in a remote setting. They also offer a range of customization and interactive features to deliver an immersive event experience. 

However, compared to other event platforms on this list, it’s not the most affordable or beginner-friendly option. 

Which Platform Should You Choose? 

Our advice is to pick the platform whose approach you align and resonate with the most. 

When choosing an event management software for nonprofits, you’ll want to weigh up features vs. budget. Which tool offers the features you require to plan and execute your event within an attainable price point?

If you prioritize technical ease of use and customer support without spending a fortune, HeySummit is a great choice.

You can get your HeySummit free trial here.

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