From Speaker to Summit Host: Harnessing HeySummit for Literary Leadership

Trish Decena

Trish Decena

Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on 16th September 2023Updated 13th December 2023

In today's digital age, finding the right platform for online events can be a challenge. Brooke Adams Law, the force behind Writing Brave, discovered her solution with HeySummit. Let's explore her experience, the challenges, and the successes.

The Genesis of Writing Brave

Brooke's initiative with Writing Brave was born out of a passion to create a haven for writers. It was more than just a platform; it was a space where emerging authors could find guidance, support, and the tools to refine their craft. Brooke offers book coaching services, focusing on novels, memoirs, and personal development books. Through personalized sessions, group interactions, and digital courses, she has made a significant impact. Additionally, Writing Brave Press, her hybrid publishing initiative, further showcases her commitment to writers.

The Writing Brave Summit epitomized this vision, offering a community where writers, irrespective of their journey's stage, could converge, share, and evolve.

The summit was a transformative experience. By curating a diverse roster of speakers and topics, Brooke ensured a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives. From character crafting to the intricacies of the publishing industry, attendees were equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate their writing aspirations.

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Behind the Summit

Brooke's inspiration for the Writing Brave Summit came from her participation in an online event for writers, "Perfect Your Process," orchestrated by Daniel David Wallace. The event, powered by HeySummit, left a lasting impression on Brooke. She admired Daniel's ethical approach, especially the inclusivity of speakers regardless of their audience size. The free live access, combined with the option for attendees to upgrade for long-term access, struck a chord with her. The cherry on top? The affiliate commissions for speakers, a gesture that showcased the event's collaborative spirit.

Brooke found her role as a speaker to be thoroughly enjoyable. The ease of updating her profile, engaging with attendees, and the event's overall polished atmosphere persuaded her that if she ever ventured into hosting a summit, it would mirror this style.

Setting the Stage with Goals and Expectations

With Daniel's event as a benchmark, Brooke set ambitious targets for the Writing Brave Summit. Her tiered goals were:

  • Good: 1,500 attendees with 100 purchasing the all-access pass.

  • Better: 2,000 attendees with 150 opting for the all-access pass.

  • Best: 3,000 attendees with 250 securing the all-access pass.

The outcome? Brooke surpassed expectations. A staggering 3,000 attendees marked their presence, with approximately 215 recognizing the summit's unmatched value and purchasing the all-access pass. This monumental achievement led to a remarkable $14K in revenue, showcasing Brooke's unparalleled ability to host a summit of such scale and impact.

The HeySummit Edge

Brooke's collaboration with HeySummit played a pivotal role in the summit's success.  The platform's cutting-edge features were instrumental in delivering an event that was both seamless and of the highest caliber. Attendees were vocal in their appreciation, frequently citing the event's polished execution and user-friendly interface.

I wanted to put on an engaging, professional event, and I achieved that via Hey Summit IN SPADES. I had several people comment on how professional the event felt, and one person wrote, 'I have never seen an online event this professional before...much less one that's free to access live.'

Let's explore some of the standout features that Brooke found invaluable:

Live Streaming with Chat

This feature transformed the viewing experience. The integrated live chat allowed attendees to actively engage, sparking real-time discussions, facilitating Q&A sessions, and creating a vibrant sense of community. It's one thing to observe an event, but HeySummit made it possible to actively participate and feel connected.

This wasn't just a promotional tool. The affiliate platform offered speakers a transparent and efficient way to share the event and be rewarded for their contributions. This system not only incentivized wider event promotion but also ensured that speakers felt valued and recognized for their efforts.

Consistent Tech Performance

In today's digital landscape, a smooth technical experience is paramount. HeySummit's flawless integration with content streaming and live Zoom sessions ensured that attendees enjoyed a glitch-free, consistent experience from start to finish.

In sum, HeySummit didn't just provide Brooke with a platform; it equipped her with a suite of tools designed to optimize every aspect of the online event experience.

Areas for Refinement

While Brooke's experience with HeySummit was overwhelmingly positive, she did note a few areas for potential enhancement

  • Login Process: A few attendees mentioned they needed some clarity during the login phase.

  • Automated Emails to Speakers: Brooke suggested a review of certain automated communications to speakers for alignment with event objectives.

  • Video Hosting: An more streamlined video solution might level up the process further.

Taking feedback to heart, we've since rolled out more enhanced video and streaming capabilities and added more integrations. Despite these minor points, Brooke's overall feedback was resoundingly in favor of HeySummit's capabilities and potential.

Looking Ahead

Brooke's partnership with HeySummit has only just begun. With a keen interest in tapping into the full potential of the platform, she's already brainstorming ideas for future groundbreaking events that promise to be as impactful, if not more so, than her previous one. Brooke's genuine excitement about HeySummit is evident in her conversations and recommendations. She sees it as a game-changer for anyone keen on hosting online events that leave a lasting impression. As she continues to explore and innovate, there's no doubt that her collaboration with HeySummit will lead to many more successful chapters in the world of online summits.

Go beyond boundaries with HeySummit

This collaboration between Brooke Adams Law and HeySummit is a testament to the magic that happens when passion meets the right technology. As Brooke forges ahead with Writing Brave, her success serves as an inspiration, reminding us that with dedication and the right tools, the sky's the limit.

Ready to break your own barriers? Experience the HeySummit advantage with a 14-day trial.

Edit: We give utmost importance to our customer's feedback. Some users, including Brooke has voiced out difficulty when logging in and we're letting you know that we've already addressed these issues. Should encounter any other problems or if you have any question at all, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be right here.

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