Fully-Integrated Affiliate Platform

Grow your event through affiliates. Our built-in affiliate platform makes it easy for you to expand your reach and sell more tickets.

Fully-Integrated Affiliate Platform

Feature Highlights

Our integrated affiliate platform makes it incredibly easy to manage affiliates and commissions. Below are some of it's key features.

Onboard affiliates via our easy-to-use signup form. In a couple of clicks affiliates can start promoting your event and earning commissions.
Keep track of your affiliate program, its settings and the performance of your affiliates from one central dashboard.
All affiliates get their own dashboard to track their performance, commissions and payouts.
View all affiliates from one centralised list. See their performance, commissions and payouts at a glance.
Configure exactly how you want your affiliate program to work. Set commission rates, caps and more.
When it comes to paying out your affiliates we'll tell you exactly who needs to be paid and how much.

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Expand Your Reach

Easy Customisation

Set default commission rates, commission caps and more

Boost Ticket Sales

Leverage affiliate networks to sell more tickets effortlessly

Real-Time Tracking

Affiliates (and you) can monitor their impact with real-time statistics

Put Your Affiliates In the Driving Seat

Put Your Affiliates In the Driving Seat

Equip your affiliates with their own personalized dashboard to track referrals, commissions, and payouts.

Easily share swipe copy and media assets with your affiliates. Enhance their promotional efforts and make it a breeze for them to boost your event.

Our Affiliate Platform

Is Super-Powered With

Custom Commission Rates

Set individualized commission rates for high-performing affiliates

Ticket-Specific Commissions

Limit commissions to sales of particular ticket types

Minimum Sales Volume

Set a required number of sales before commissions are paid out

Commission Cap

Implement a total commission cap to keep expenditures in check

Swipe Copy & Media

Provide promotional material to make affiliate marketing easy

Affiliate FAQ

Add a FAQ section to assist affiliates in promoting your event effectively

Other Features to Help You Increase Event Revenue

Easy Ticketing With Powerful Controls

Manage access for broadcasts, replays, or live events with tiered pricing and auto-expire tickets for extra control.

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Easy Ticketing With Powerful Controls

Upsell Capabilities & Checkout

Maximise event revenue with custom checkouts, confirmation pages, upsells and more.

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Upsell Capabilities & Checkout

Sponsor Booths

Maximize sponsor value with tailored landing pages, placement control, and private attendee chat capabilities.

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Sponsor Booths

Offers and Giveaways

Drive engagement with offers, freebies, and giveaways. Use these incentives to encourage registrations and interaction.

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Offers and Giveaways

Affiliate Platform

Our built-in affiliate platform makes it easy for you to expand your reach and sell more tickets.

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Affiliate Platform

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