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InEvent vs HeySummit



Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on June 04, 2021

What’s InEvent?

InEvent is an event management platform great for large events. Catering to in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, InEven promises sleek professional software for event managers.

With an integrated mobile app, InEvent makes it easy to ticket your event and allows your attendees to check in. It also provides organizers and attendees with flight information, hotel room lists, and meal vouchers.

What’s great about InEvent?

When it comes to large scale events, InEvent has thought about everything. With advanced CRM integrations, InEvent makes it easy to collect mass data from attendees.

We are particularly impressed with their waterproof NFC wristbands, allowing event organizers to have a look at attendee arrival times, check outs, and purchases! You can also customize them whatever way you like to stay on-brand.

What’s not so great about InEvent?

InEvent is great for very large in-person and hybrid events. Nothing wrong with that! But if you’re looking for something smaller, or something completely online, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

If you’re relatively new to event marketing, we recommend using HeySummit instead.

🚀 Event marketing promotes your brand through...well, events! Your customers get the opportunity to interact directly with your brand, and you get to interact directly with them. Leveraging the power of experience is the best way to grow your business. 🚀

Event marketing takes work. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At HeySummit we break down event marketing for you, step-by-step. Whether this is your first virtual event, or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve got the tools you need to build your unique event marketing strategy.

Why should you use HeySummit instead?

HeySummit’s customisable toolkit allows you to build an event marketing strategy tailored to your brand. From our Starter package to our agency plan, we have a solution for your budget and expertise. Spend less time on logistics and more time on what’s important: building your business. Enjoy:

  • Tool integrations with your favourite platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and more, so that you can use the tools you know and love.

  • Customisable landing pages

  • A speaker dashboard

  • Email flows for potential customers and registered attendees

  • Streamlined ticketing

  • Courses, instructional videos, podcasts, and interactive sessions for you to map out your perfect event marketing strategy

  • ...and much more!

Try out your new tech tool-kit for free with HeySummit’s 14 day trial.

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