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Published on 4th June 2021Updated 4th March 2024

Are you running digital events and looking for the best platform to host them? Want to know the differences between InEvent vs HeySummit?

You came to the right place. This post will cover everything you need to know about each platform, including key features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Let’s get into it.

What is InEvent?

InEvent is an event management platform great for large events. Catering to in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, InEvent promises sleek professional software for event managers, including the InEvent app. 

The software is tailored to conferences, webinars, and virtual events and is like a one-stop shop for all your event organization needs. 

InEvent Key Features

InEvent Key Features

With an integrated mobile app, InEvent makes it easy to market, ticket, and manage your event remotely. 

The platform offers the following key features that will help you take your event management from the planning stage through to marketing, ticketing, and registration: 

  • Ticket management 

  • Event marketing 

  • Landing pages

  • An event app

  • Sponsor and speaker management

  • Badge printing and kiosk for event check-in 

  • Virtual lobby and live studio 

  • Event maps 

  • CRM and Data Analytics

  • AI integrations to write your event comms

  • Reporting and budgeting features

  • Project management 

  • Inventory management 

  • Booking management

  • Travel and accommodation management for attendees

What Are the Pros of InEvent?

When it comes to large-scale events, InEvent has thought about everything. With advanced CRM and AI  integrations, InEvent makes it easy to collect data from attendees and analyze your event’s success. 

We are particularly impressed with their waterproof NFC wristbands, which allow event organizers to look at attendees' arrival times, check-outs, and purchases. You can also customize the wristbands to stay on-brand.

InEvent users rate the ease at which you can manage everything in one place and how easy it is to set up marketing campaigns for individual events, thanks to the ready-to-use templates that help identify areas for improved audience engagement.

Integrations across different platforms make it seamless to fit InEvent into your existing workflows. The technology is also adaptable depending on the style of event you want to host, which makes it ideal if you run large-scale, hybrid events.

What Are the Cons of InEvent?

InEvent is excellent for huge in-person and hybrid events. There's nothing wrong with that! But if you’re looking for something smaller or completely online, you will have to look elsewhere.

InEvent reviews say that you need to be pretty tech-savvy to use the platform, as the vast number of integrations can be overwhelming if you’re only running a small-scale event. The platform doesn’t offer simple drag-and-drop builders and automatically sends emails to attendees, which are hard to customize.  

Learning to use the platform to its potential is a significant time investment, making delegating tasks to team members hard.  

InEvent Pricing

InEvent is not a budget event hosting tool. Using the tool for a single event costs $600, and an annual subscription costs $9,000. 

What is HeySummit?

HeySummit is more than an event management platform; it also gives you the tools and resources to map out your marketing strategy, grow your online community, and turn your events into a profitable venture.

HeySummit Key Features

HeySummit Key Features

From building, growing, and monetizing your online events, HeySummit has you covered at every step of the process.

Some key HeySummit features include:

  • Tool integrations with your favorite platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and more

  • Customizable landing pages

  • Custom event language settings so you can appeal to a global audience

  • A speaker dashboard

  • Email flows and broadcasts for potential customers and registered attendees

  • Affiliate support and management

  • Streamlined ticketing

  • Upsell and checkout

  • Offers and giveaways

  • Sponsor booths

  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools

  • ...and much more!

What Are the Pros of HeySummit? 

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing platform that takes you from an initial idea to marketing, execution, reporting, and analysis, then HeySummit is the perfect solution.

The platform takes the admin out of organizing a virtual event, as everything is simple to set up and customize. A wide choice of video, marketing, CRM, and marketing integrations allows simple, effective event management from one dashboard.

You can host and monetize all scales of events, from a one-off webinar to a multi-day international conference. You can use HeySummit for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

What Are the Cons of HeySummit? 

If you’re looking for advanced customization options or a platform explicitly focused on large in-person events that include event hospitality, then HeySummit may not be for you. 

HeySummit Pricing 

We’ve got a range of plans so you can choose something perfect for your business and its budget. 

Plans start at $49 a month for those starting with their event journey and include:

  • Video streaming and integration 

  • Event landing page builder 

  • Theme editor 

  • Speaker dashboard 

InEvent vs HeySummit: Make Your Next Event a Success

Now you know the key differences between InEvent vs HeySummit, you can decide which tool best suits the event style your business hosts.

If you have a large budget and are hosting a big-scale, hybrid event, InEvent is your best choice.

If you want an intuitive tool that allows you to customize every aspect of the event experience, from marketing to execution, you’re more suited to HeySummit. You can get a 14-day free trial here.

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