Swag Bags

Swag Bags

In the event industry, Swag Bags refer to gift bags full of branded items distributed by companies at conferences, fairs, seminars and more. These items serve to create a lasting impression with event attendees.

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Swag Bags

A concept dating back to the '90s, the term 'Swag Bags' stands for 'Stuff We All Get.' They contain an array of items, such as pens, t-shirts, mugs, tech gadgets, and more. Branded with the company's logo, these items not only serve a practical or fun purpose but are also advertisements in disguise.

Benefits of Swag Bags

The more useful or desirable the items, the longer they stay within an attendee's possession, ensuring the maximizing of the host's brand exposure. They can prompt social media shares from pleased attendees and act as a conversation starter, increasing networking opportunities. They also make attendees feel valued, enhancing their event experience, fostering positive sentiment for your brand.

Common Problems and Solutions

However, not all Swag Bags are a hit. The most common problem is handing out generic, non-useful items that end up in the trash. The solution is to ensure your swag items are high-quality, unique, and practical. For online events, the question of how to deliver swag bags arises. Solutions could be direct mailing to attendees' residences or offering e-gifts.

Best Practices

  • Choose high-quality items. People tend to associate the quality of a freebie with the quality of your brand.

  • Make it unique. Stand out amongst other companies by being innovative with your swag items.

  • Select items useful to your potential customers. The more practical, the higher the likelihood of them using it post-event.

  • Ensure all items are branded effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Swag Bags serve as an advertisement vehicle, increasing brand awareness and creating a positive brand association.

  • The items you select should be unique, practical, high-quality, and effectively communicate your brand identity.

  • For virtual events, consider the logistics of delivering your swag or switch to digital gifts and tokens.

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