Upsells and Checkout Personalization

Maximize your event revenue with our customizable checkout flow. Setup your own confirmation pages, offer upsells, and gather insights with custom registration questions.

Feature Highlights

Increase event profitability by leveraging upsells and personalizing the checkout. Below are some of the key features you can expect to see.

Customise almost every aspect of the checkout experience to create the perfect flow for your audience.
Use our standard confirmation pages, or build your own from scratch with welcome videos, sales copy and time-sensitive upsells.
Incentivise purchases with tiered pricing (perfect for early bird tickets or time sensitive offers).
Easily upsell your attendees with addons. Provide additional access to the event (such as replay access) or sell physical items (like swag).
If you run a non-profit or are raising money for a cause, you can accept donations during the checkout process.

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It's Time to Boost Revenue

Revenue Opportunities

Integrate upsells and add-ons for a diversified revenue stream

Actionable Insights

Utilize custom registration questions for precise audience segmentation

Streamlined User Experience

Craft a simplified or detailed checkout flow based on your needs

Tailor-Made Checkout for Ultimate Flexibility

Tailor-Made Checkout for Ultimate Flexibility

Unlock new revenue streams by integrating add-ons directly into the checkout process.

Customise the checkout experience to match your needs. Ask custom registration questions, specify billing requirements and add custom legal terms.

Our Checkout Tools

Are Super-Powered With

Custom Billing Criteria

Specify requirements for attendees' billing details to enhance data collection

Legal Customizations

Modify terms and conditions language to better suit your requirements

Giveaway Integrations

Use enticing giveaways to drive referrals and elevate post-signup activity

Promo Codes & Coupons

Create special codes for discounts or access, ideal for partners and promos

Custom Confirmation Pages

Personalize post-checkout messages, videos, and other content

Custom Registration Questions

Tailor questions to gain insights and segment your audience effectively

Add-On Revenue Boosters

Include optional add-ons during checkout to maximize your event's profitability

Domain-Specific Access

Limit attendee sign-ups to certain email domains for targeted or exclusive events

Other Features to Help You Increase Event Revenue

Easy Ticketing With Powerful Controls

Manage access for broadcasts, replays, or live events with tiered pricing and auto-expire tickets for extra control.

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Easy Ticketing With Powerful Controls

Upsell Capabilities & Checkout

Maximise event revenue with custom checkouts, confirmation pages, upsells and more.

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Upsell Capabilities & Checkout

Sponsor Booths

Maximize sponsor value with tailored landing pages, placement control, and private attendee chat capabilities.

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Sponsor Booths

Offers and Giveaways

Drive engagement with offers, freebies, and giveaways. Use these incentives to encourage registrations and interaction.

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Offers and Giveaways

Affiliate Platform

Our built-in affiliate platform makes it easy for you to expand your reach and sell more tickets.

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Affiliate Platform

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