Language & Tone Customization

Seamlessly customize your event's language settings and tone to offer a unique, resonant experience that appeals to diverse global audiences.

Reporting and Analytics

Feature Highlights

Craft your event with your own writing style, or change the language entirely. Below are some of the key features you can expect to see.

Our intuitive editor helps you update wording and content to ensure it aligns with your language and tone preferences.
Choose the base language you'd like to use, and tweak other localisation settings.
Access all translatable content from one easily searchable list.
Track the countries your attendees are using to access your event, and use this data to inform your language strategy.

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Speak Your Audience's Language

Content Flexibility

Personalize text elements to suit diverse language needs

Brand Consistency

Maintain your unique tone and writing style across languages

Audience Reach

Expand your event's global appeal with localized content

Language Customization at its Best

Language Customization at its Best

Take full control over your event’s language settings. From branding to textual content, adapt each element to ensure it aligns with your language and tone preferences.

This feature is perfect for event organizers who value brand consistency.

Our Reporting Tools

Are Super-Powered With

Editable Text Fields

Customize every content piece

Pre-Set Language Templates

Utilize templates for common languages.

Other Features to Help You Grow Your Event

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your audience with our comprehensive dashboards. Track page views, conversion rates, revenue, and more.

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Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Language & Tone Customization

HeySummit enables full customization of content and navigation, ensuring your event resonates with every attendee, in any language.

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Language & Tone Customization

Full-Featured Email Platform

Streamline communication with our integrated email platform. Edit, customize, and manage all emails directly within HeySummit.

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Full-Featured Email Platform

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