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We recently raised $1 million in funding 📣
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Weekly posts on running great summits, communicating with your audience and being an all round marketing superstar.

Jackie Rogers

5 Tools to Leverage to Build a Community (Meetup, Slack, Discord…

In this post, we’ll cover 5 online event tools you can use to give your attendees a delightful experience during your virtual event!

Rob Gelb

We recently raised $1 million in funding

We've raised $1 million to help face-painters, teachers, businesses, creatives, and anyone looking to share their passion or grow their business.

Ida lassesen

New Features on Zoom: A Review

This October, Zoom unveiled a slew of new features and updates. We're highlighting the key changes likely to affect your next online event.

Ida lassesen

5 key steps for planning your online event

Thinking of hosting an online event? Check out our beginner's guide to event planning to get started!

Ida lassesen

6 ways to find your target audience

Learn how to identify your customer base and tailor your strategies with this handy list!

Ida lassesen

8 Types of Online Events You Can Launch Right Now

Now's a better time than ever to stay connected to your audience. We look at the various kinds of online events you could easily launch right now.

Ida lassesen

Struggles of Moving to a Virtual Summit

The transition from offline to online events is not always smooth. Check out these common limitations and our tips for overcoming them.

Ida lassesen

5 Strategies for a Successful Online Event

Just getting started? Nail these 5 aspects of summit strategy and you'll have yourself a successful event.

Jackie Rogers

Episode 12: Weekly Live Show: Remo and Flodesk

In this episode, Rob + Steven show off two tools they used during thee Re:Think 2020 Summit: [Remo]( and [Flodesk](https://flodesk.c…

Jackie Rogers

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 10: Sharing Passions and Growing a Co…

In this post, we meet Sarah Spencer of SongFancy, who has built a thriving community for her business. She’s passionate about music, helping female a…

Ida lassesen

Summits: Your New Signature Product

Highlighting the different ways HeySummit can help you achieve your goals. This time, the spotlight's on Alla Skvortsova of Growth Marketing Conferen…

Ida lassesen

Helpful Tips for Attendee Management

The HeySummit guide to targeting, onboarding and managing your attendees. Share your own tips in the comments!

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