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The HeySummit Blog

Weekly posts on running great summits, communicating with your audience and being an all round marketing superstar.

Ida lassesen

Create a Lead Magnet: The Seamless Summit Blueprint

Summits are for everyone! Here, we look at how summits can help boost your business/ side hustle and increase revenue.

Jackie Rogers

Launch a Community Around Your Event

Launching a summit soon? Check out our top 5 tips to ensure you build an engaged community around your event.

Jackie Rogers

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 7 with Jérémy Chevallier

The journey to entrepreneurship isn’t a straight line. Sometimes you have a job while you build up your side business. Sometimes you take courses to …

Jackie Rogers

3 Tips to Create A Buzzing Community for Your Passion-Based Busi…

Are you looking to build an engaged community for your business? In this article, we’ll go over three simple tips to create a buzzing community aroun…

Jackie Rogers

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 6 with Justin Brown

Justin Brown is a storyteller who got hooked on building brands. His work is about leaving an impact on people across businesses, healthcare, and fin…

Jackie Rogers

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 5 with Tyler Prete

In this post, we meet Tyler Prete. By day he works a 9-5 at Shopify. By night, he’s a cofounder of two brands. He’s going to share his favorite passi…

Steven Hascher

The Passion Economy is Forcing Us to Re:Think

A new business landscape is emerging that will breathe life back into work, and a free virtual summit in August will help you thrive in the new world.

Steven Hascher

Authentic Work: Episode 4 with Ruben Dua

Ruben Dua is passionate about building and marketing products and services that make people’s lives better. In this episode of Authentic Work, we cha…

Ida lassesen

Evergreen Summits: Your New Marketing Secret Weapon

Highlighting the different ways HeySummit can help you achieve your goals. This time, the spotlight's on Alex Sidorenko from Risk Academy. Buckle up!

Jackie Rogers

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 3 with Sam Eitzen

In this post, we meet Sam Eitzen of [SnapBar](https://thesnapbar.com/)! Sam talks to us about how a fun side business with his brother has turned int…

Ida lassesen

How Do I Engage My Sponsors in an Online Event?

Making the switch from offline to online events should not mean that you have to compromise or lose out on valuable sponsorships. Here are some tips …

Jackie Rogers

HeySummit Podcast: Episode 2 with Doc Williams

In this post, we meet Doc Williams. Doc is the kind of entrepreneur who likes to sit down and figure things out. In fact, he builds 3 businesses with…

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