Hopin Alternative: What’s the Best Platform for Hosting a Virtual Event?

Sarah Wisbey

Sarah Wisbey

Content Contributor, HeySummit

Published on 20th May 2021Updated 2nd May 2024

Do you regularly host virtual events as part of your business's marketing and sales strategy? 

Or do you plan to make online events part of your marketing toolkit?

If so, you’ll need a robust and user-friendly event management platform. 

You’ve ended up on this article, which means Hopin caught your eye, but you remain confused about their offer and how it can help your business. Well, we’re here to show you a great Hopin alternative.

In this article, we’ll compare Hopin and HeySummit so you can easily decide which platform best suits your business needs. 

We’ll analyze the following aspects of both tools:

  • Platform summary

  • An overview of the features

  • Common use cases

  • Pricing plans

  • What makes them special

  • Who it’s suitable for

  • User reviews

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is Hopin? 

Hopin is a suite of digital tools for engaging online communities. In the past, it was an event management software platform primarily used by event organizers. Although it has now stopped offering these services, the platform has relaunched three different tools for community engagement under the Hopin brand. 

Hopin Summary

Hopin Summary

Hopin’s old product was  an all-in-one virtual event platform with multiple interactive features, live streaming options, and event management capabilities. 

While Hopin reviews rated the old product highly, the company liquidated its UK operation in early 2024 and moved to the US. It pivoted from webinar and virtual event hosting to focus on live streaming and video hosting. 

Now, the platform offers three separately branded tools that you can use to engage your online community. While these products aren’t strictly alternatives to Hopin (as they don’t provide a robust event management platform), they are worth checking out if you host regular online events. 

Hopin Summary

The three new Hopin tools are: 

  • StreamYard (for live video streaming and podcasting)

  • Streamable (a tool for uploading, managing, and sharing video content)

  • Superwave (a tool for creators and influencers to manage their communities)

Let’s go into more detail about what these three new tools offer.

1. StreamYard Overview

If you want to create engaging virtual events, StreamYard is a great option for live streaming, broadcasts, and podcast creation. 

StreamYard is for everyone from brands to creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers, politicians and more: 

1. StreamYard Overview

The tool aims to provide a stable platform for you to live-stream content to your audience. 

StreamYard Key Features 

When you use  StreamYard, you get access to extensive features like:

StreamYard Key Features 

  • Live streaming interviews has never been more accessible. You can host conversations of up to 10 people in your online studio, and nobody needs to download anything to join.

  • Attendees can join from any device from wherever they are in the world. 

  • You can use pre-recorded videos and live videos for your event and screen share for event attendees.

StreamYard Key Features 

  • Advanced interactive features make it easy to interact with live attendee comments.

  • A giveaway tool makes it easier than ever to increase attendee engagement in your virtual events.

  • You can download your video recordings and audio tracks so you can easily repurpose them.

  • Multistreaming options allow you to screen on various platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, at the same time.

  • Integrations: Sync StreamYard with the resources you’re already using to minimize the learning curve. ‍You can also combine the other Hopin products for optimal engagement.

StreamYard Key Features 

  • Advanced customization options allow you to personalize your live stream with your branding, logos, backgrounds, and colors to make the event feel as unique and on-brand as possible.

StreamYard + HeySummit 

StreamYard + HeySummit 

Did you know that StreamYard has an integration with HeySummit? This means you can leverage StreamYard’s incredible live streaming capabilities with HeySummit's wraparound event management platform. 

With the StreamYard integration, you can add live broadcasts to your virtual events, as well as stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. 

If you’re looking for an event management platform that’s the full package combined with exceptional streaming capabilities, HeySummit is for you!

StreamYard Pricing

For businesses, the pricing tiers for StreamYard are: 

  • Premium: $79 a month for up to 1,000 viewers and 15 backstage participants

  • Growth: $239 a month for up to 10,000 viewers, a greenroom, and 8 hours of pre-recorded streams

  • Business — custom plan

This is a little lower than the Hopin cost used to be, which means you can mix and match the different Hopin tools based on your requirements.

What Makes StreamYard Special?

Thanks to the interactive engagement features, event organizers can use StreamYard to create virtual events that engage audiences and feel very personal. 

It’s an all-in-one platform that’s easily customizable and straightforward to use, even if you have no coding skills.

Read any Hopin review, and you’ll see users rate the highly professional outcome of the production, which makes your live streams look as high quality as a TV show.

Who is StreamYard Suitable For?

Taking into account StreamYard’s features and pricing plans, it’s suitable for companies and organizations of all sizes with an appropriate marketing budget to allocate. 

Although it can be costly for some solopreneurs and individual content creators, StreamYard offers a free plan for individual users.

However, users on the free plan will have a 2-hour limit per month to run their event. A great option if you’re running a nonprofit that doesn’t host regular online events.

StreamYard Reviews

Take a look at what some StreamYard users have to say about the product: 

“StreamYard is absolutely the number one tool that we use in our business, and if you're not using it and you are a content creator, a podcast creator, or a YouTube creator, you are crazy.”

“I can run the show all by myself. I can push all those buttons, make people big, small, change views, make all kinds of video clips come on, show people's websites live: it's a show in a box…That's why I use it, I can rely on it, I can work on the part that's harder still, making my guest shine to the community that I have the pleasure to serve.”

“I recently had a guest on my show who had forty years experience in traditional media with 36 Emmys and more behind her name. After the show she said to me, "It's amazing what you've done, I love the run of your show, flawless execution". All of that is possible because I use StreamYard.”

2. Streamable Overview

2. Streamable Overview

Streamable isn’t a virtual event platform but Hopin’s tool for businesses and creators to share and upload video content.

It also offers a video editing suite that makes it simple to resize and cut your video content for every platform.

You can crop, merge, trim, compress, embed, and share your videos easily using Streamable.

Streamable Pricing

  • There’s a free plan available for 250MB of video content

  • Basic: $9.99 a month for up to 500GB of cloud storage

  • Pro: $14.99 a month for up to 1TB of cloud storage

  • Business: $39 for 2TB of cloud storage 

What makes Streamable Special? 

If you’re making regular video content and want an easy way to edit and share it, Streamable offers a simple solution. You don’t need advanced tech skills to navigate the platform, and you can host and share your video content seamlessly in a few clicks. 

Who is Streamable Suitable for? 

Any businesses or content creators who want to repurpose and share video content without worrying about sending huge files or clunky links that don’t stream well.

Streamable Reviews

Here is some feedback on Streamable via Trustpilot:

"A very straightforward and easy-to-use streaming service. Had no issues since i'm using it (0.5y+), easy sharing, controlled privacy. It basically has all the features I need for my video hosting service.”

“I used Streamable for a somewhat short period of time however, the thing that really stood out to me was their customer service. Their team was prompt and friendly and helped me throughout my time using the service. Definitely would recommend based on service alone.”

3. Superwave Overview 

3. Superwave Overview 

The third product in the Hopin suite of tools is Superwave, which is a tool you can use to connect and share content with your community. 

So whether you want to share your online course pre recorded videos and materials, have discussions with your online community, or host an engaging live event, Superwave has you covered.

The tool is currently in its Beta stage, which you can request to join here.

There is no information about pricing for the product. 

Superwave Review

Here is what a Superwave user has to say about the tool:

Superwave Review

For other Hopin alternatives, check out this post. 

A Great Hopin Alternative: HeySummit

HeySummit is more than an event management platform; it gives you the tools and resources to map out your marketing strategy, grow your online community, and turn your events into a profitable venture.

From building, growing, and monetizing your online events, at HeySummit, we provide features that have you covered at every step of the process. 

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Hopin, which no longer offers robust event management software, HeySummit could be a great option. 

HeySummit Overview

HeySummit Overview

HeySummit offers extensive features, including:

  • Tool integrations with your favorite platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Streamyard (yes, we support Streamyard!) and more

  • Easy to customize landing pages

  • Custom event language settings so you can appeal to a global audience

  • Easy speaker management dashboard

  • A built-in speaker network so you can find experts to talk at your events

  • Customizable email flows and broadcasts for potential customers and registered attendees

  • Affiliate support and management

  • Streamlined ticketing

  • Upsell and checkout

  • Offers and giveaways

  • Sponsor booths

  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools so you can understand how your event performed

  • ...and much more!

An In-depth Look at HeySummit’s Features

  • Attendee Registration Flow: Customize your event with tailored questions and/or fields before attendees get to the main stage to create a warm registration experience. This will also make it easier to segment your audience and better understand them. 

  • Talk Management: With HeySummit, you can include live or prerecorded videos at your event, whether you’re delivering one talk or 100 talks to your audience. 

An In-depth Look at HeySummit’s Features

  • Speaker Dashboard: Speakers can update their bio and manage talk information for the event with an intuitive dashboard that helps you keep all details organized and up to date.

  • Speaker Directory: Get the right person to speak at your virtual event by getting access to over 1,000 passionate and experienced speakers. 

An In-depth Look at HeySummit’s Features

  • Landing Page Builder: Create landing pages with a drag-and-drop model that requires no coding skills. Use pre-built themes along with dynamic components such as event countdowns to help you increase the number of event registrations. 

  • Marketing & Viral Tools: Promote your virtual event to increase registrations, revenue, and audience engagement with marketing tools such as affiliate programs, custom email sequences, swipe copy, and sponsorship management

  • Ticketing & Revenue: Adjust ticket prices, restrictions, and availability, and choose your preferred payment provider. 

An In-depth Look at HeySummit’s Features

  • Analytics & Reporting: Track audience engagement and live attendance metrics from your dashboard. All the KPIs, such as signups, referrals, and webinar usage, are stored in one place. 

  • Tool Integrations: Combine HeySummit with the tools you’re already using, like Zoom and Loom. 

HeySummit Pricing 

We’ve got a range of plans so you can choose something perfect for your business and its budget. 

Plans start at $49 a month for those starting with their event journey and include:

  • Video streaming and integration 

  • Event landing page builder 

  • Theme editor 

  • Speaker dashboard 

What makes HeySummit Special?

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing platform that takes you from an initial idea to marketing, execution, reporting, and analysis, then HeySummit is ideal.

The platform takes the admin out of organizing a virtual or hybrid event, as everything is simple to set up and customize. A wide choice of video, marketing, CRM, and marketing integrations allows simple, effective event management from one dashboard.

You can host and monetize events of all sizes, from a one-off webinar to a multi-day international conference.

HeySummit is the one-stop shop to host a range of online events. Whether you have limited or no coding skills and marketing experience, you’ll have all the tools you need to run and promote a virtual summit. 

Focus on what you do best while HeySummit simplifies the process of running an event so that you get more traffic, generate more leads, and increase sales revenue.

Additionally, HeySummit’s users can test any event before they’re launched to:

  • See how everything works from an attendee's perspective.

  • Practice setting up a virtual event before creating your actual event.

  • Practice a run of talks with your speakers without making changes to your actual event.

  • Preempt and troubleshoot any difficulties your attendees may have, and work out any kinks in your event setup.

Who is HeySummit Suitable For?

Small businesses and content creators may have built an audience from the ground up with their blog, YouTube channel, or social media platform like Instagram. But unfortunately, they’re struggling to make the hustle sustainable and they’ve yet to see any profit. 

Using events to promote a product or service has come to mind more than once, but it’s always been just that – a lingering thought.

Daniel was in a similar situation until he tried HeySummit. 

Using HeySummit’s marketing features and viral incentives, he created a virtual summit to help writers improve their plot and storytelling skills. This event led to rapid growth, attracting more than 3,000 attendees and generating $26,000 in revenue. 

If you’re a small business or solopreneur like Daniel, HeySummit can help by allowing you to create and promote your online event in just a few clicks. 

The platform allows you to personalize the experience for both speakers and attendees with interactive features like the chat and attendance registration flow. Read Daniel’s full story here

Entrepreneurs can use HeySummit as part of their lead-gen strategy. For example, they can run a virtual summit to showcase their work to potential clients and grow their network or relationships with other professionals in their industry. 

With HeySummit, managing technical factors like customizing your landing pages and sending email reminders is simple. The layout helps you create online events that position you as an industry expert and passionate leader. Read the full story here.

HeySummit User Reviews

Here are a couple of HeySummit’s customer reviews taken from G2 (a website that showcases user reviews). 

HeySummit User Reviews

"The most powerful virtual summit platform for course creators! I wanted a platform that had great flexibility in how I could deliver the actual speaker sessions, (live, pre-recorded as live, etc) in email capabilities, in having sponsors and in the design of the Summit site.”

- Larry S. 

“A great solution for online events of any kind. The interface is pretty intuitive and the help section answered all my questions. I love the ease of setup and the ability to communicate with my speakers and participants directly through the platform. Online summits have a lot of moving parts, and manually keeping track of all the information and communication involved is a challenge. That's all handled right inside this platform and that's a game changer.”

- Julie.K

A Final Comparison: Hopin or HeySummit?

The Hopin tools like StreamYard are great for smaller-scale events because of their focus on emulating the feel of an in-person experience. 

As a whole, Hopin’s StreamYard is a tool focused on webinars and live streams rather than full-scale online events. If you’re looking for an intimate, screen-sharing event with slides and interactive comments, then StreamYard could be a good choice for you.

Remember, if you want a robust event management platform that takes you from event planning to execution and post-event analysis with high-quality streaming, you can use HeySummit with the StreamYard integration.

HeySummit, specializes in live streaming to larger audiences, making it easy to connect with attendees before and after a large-scale event. HeySummit also has lower pricing plans than Hopin’s suite of tools. 

HeySummit is the best Hopin alternative for running virtual events from start to finish from one platform. It also guarantees quick support to ensure you create a successful event that aligns with your business goals.

What are you waiting for? Start running online events that wow your audience: Sign up here for a free 14-day trial.

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