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Published on 4th June 2021Updated 1st March 2024

If you’re looking for an affordable virtual event solution, you may be overwhelmed by the available solutions. 

What do you need to look for in an event management platform, and how can you decide what’s best for your company’s needs?

In this post, we’ll summarize two prominent online event management tools, PheedLoop and HeySummit, along with the pros and cons of each tool.

Once you’ve read this post, you’ll know which tool works best for you, and you’ll be hosting outstanding and engaging online events in no time! 

What is PheedLoop?

PheedLoop is an event management software that powers live streaming virtual exhibit halls, event floor plans, virtual networking, speaker portals, instant mobile apps, automated surveys, and more.

PheedLoop is for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, making it an excellent software for live-streaming your in-person event to reach even larger global audiences.

PheedLoop Key Features

PheedLoop Key Features

These are the prominent features of the PheedLoop platform: 

  • Live stream 

  • Real-time chat, public chat boards, questions, polls, presence detection, and option to go into private calls or chats

  • Access restrictions

  • Speaker and exhibitor portals 

  • File sharing and social media links 

  • Lead retrieval 

  • Event app customizations

  • Badge printing 

  • Event website

  • Reporting and analytics

What Are the Pros of PheedLoop?

PheedLoop is brilliant for its speaker, exhibitor, and sponsor support. Exhibitors can run their own virtual booths alongside their in-person ones, contracts and billing are automated, and stakeholders are allowed access to private portals.

The interactive features make it great for networking and optimizing for peer engagement. You can use live chats during presentations, and there are multiple options for gamification to make events more interactive. If you’re looking to systemize your stakeholder contracts, PheedLoop is a great option.

If you read any PheedLoop review, you’ll find users of the tool also rate the ease with which you can customize the platform to align with company branding. It seems to be very user-friendly with an intuitive design. 

The platform is excellent for hybrid event management as it is easy to transform in-person events to virtual conferences; the networking capabilities make it easier than ever for attendees to connect even if they are only attending digitally.

What Are the Cons of  PheedLoop?

PheedLoop is ideal for running a large event with lots of sponsors attending. If your event is smaller or you have a small number of sponsors or none, you might want to look elsewhere.

The platform’s primary focus is in-person events with big exhibitors and multiple stakeholders, emphasizing peer-to-peer networking on the Pheedloop app. The pivot to make these features available digitally means it isn’t online-focused and still has the feel of a traditional in-person event format. You may not need this from a mobile event application if you primarily host digital events. 

Some users complain about the integration options, claiming they aren’t always seamless, which can make for a glitchy experience. Constant changes in the back end of the platform can also make it confusing with some technical issues (not what you want in the middle of a live event!). 

It can be time-consuming to set up, and the endless list of features is a little overwhelming. The choice can make deciding which features you need to use challenging. 

Pheedloop Pricing

Pricing is only available on request but works on a pay-per-module and by-user basis. This means you’ll only pay for the features you use/need.

What is HeySummit?

HeySummit is more than an event management platform, it also gives you the tools and resources to map out your event marketing strategy, grow your online community and turn your events into a profitable venture.

🚀 Event marketing promotes your brand through...well, events! Your customers get the opportunity to interact directly with your brand, and you get to interact directly with them. Leveraging the power of experience is the best way to grow your business. 🚀

HeySummit gives you comprehensive manuals on its many platform features and a knowledge base on lead generation, optimizing conversion, finding and obtaining speakers, securing sponsorships, marketing your event, and much more!

HeySummit Key Features

What is HeySummit?

From building, growing, and monetizing your online events, HeySummit has you covered at every step of the process.

Some key HeySummit features include:

  • Tool integrations with your favorite platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and more Multiple event formats

  • Customizable landing pages

  • Custom event language settings so you can appeal to a global audience

  • A speaker dashboard

  • Email flows and broadcasts for potential customers and registered attendees

  • Affiliate support and management

  • Streamlined ticketing

  • Upsell and checkout

  • Offers and giveaways

  • Sponsor booths

  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools

  • ...and much more!

What Are the Pros of HeySummit? 

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing platform that takes you from an initial idea to marketing, execution, reporting, and analysis, then HeySummit could be an ideal option.

The platform takes the admin out of organizing a virtual event, as everything is simple to set up and customize. A wide choice of video, marketing, CRM, and marketing integrations allows simple, effective event management from one dashboard. 

You can host and monetize all scales of events, from a one-off webinar to a multi-day international conference. You can use HeySummit for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

What Are the Cons of HeySummit? 

If you’re looking for advanced customization options or a platform focused specifically on in-person events, then HeySummit may not be for you. 

HeySummit Pricing 

We’ve got a range of plans so you can choose something perfect for your business and its budget. 

Plans start at $49 a month for those starting with their event journey and includes:

  • Video streaming and integration 

  • Event landing page builder 

  • Theme editor 

  • Speaker dashboard 

PheedLoop vs. HeySummit: Start Growing and Engaging Your Online Community Today

Now you know the differences between PheedLoop vs. HeySummit, you know that HeySummit is ideal if you want to run regular online events that help build your network and community of fans.

Don’t just take our word for it - try out our features for free with HeySummit’s 14-day free trial.

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